SADAUKIN BURHAAN Complete Document Written By Jameey


Chapter One

“God bless the life of the Queen of Zairana. Calling you is a risk.”
Ado lowered his head, feeling a terrible fall in his whole body. He went up without the sadda and started to ask for forgiveness. The silence in the room was thick, filled with tension. She, full of anger and a kind of sad izzah, spoke with mischief and displayed her power. “God bless your heart, you didn’t come on purpose. His Majesty stopped me from doing the work of my life!” Ado bowed his head again, and she continued, “I am the mother of my snake; you are the work of life.”

She looked at him, then turned her head aside, saying, “I heard news that you are going to Gobir Market tomorrow to buy slaves, right?”

“Yes, you have six souls. If you want to give me two good and faithful servants, I need one woman and one man.”

“Don’t you dare bring me a slave lamb. As long as your bones are dry when you hear it…”

_Hmmm, another job for Princess Zubaina… will it be suitable for the brave servant she needs?_

“God help you; you won’t find me disobeying my orders. I will be brave as long as I get the right servant’s points. This is my right as the caretaker of the servants of this kingdom.” It is up to you; you can go.

The atmosphere in the room remained tense. Zubaina’s actions puzzled those present, but they understood that she was the one His Highness often saw among his children.


The Kingdom of Burhaan was in chaos and confusion, ruled by cruelty and humiliation. The people had no freedom, only humiliation. Servants had to endure hard work, and even those in positions showed no kindness.

Princess Saude, not trusting anyone, gave her maid the job of gardening. The maid accidentally ruined the garden, leading to Saude’s violent outburst. Later, she joined Barde, who seemed disturbed. Barde attacked and raped her, leaving her terrified.

Galadima Hamza arrived, known as the King of Treasures, seeking money from the King. Hamza asserted control over the kingdom, warning everyone to obey. Abdullahi, the brother, understood Hamza’s power and didn’t want to stay in the kingdom.

The cruelty in the Kingdom of Burhaan was evident, and Hamza held control over its affairs. Everyone, including Abdullahi, bowed to his dominance.

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