SADAUKI OMAR Complete Document Written By Binta Umar Abbale


**Kingdom of Kano**

On a radiant day, I spotted him at the heart of the gym, clad in a snug black vest and long pants that accentuated his robust physique. Even from a distance, it was evident that he was handling an immense weight with ease, showcasing his incredible strength. People from every balcony gazed at him, awe-struck by the bravery of Omar.

As he walked, those in his path instinctively bowed and greeted him. Unfazed, he continued, and I followed at a distance. Reaching the balcony’s end, he leaned against a metal structure, taking a moment to catch his breath. Nearby, a woman named Ikilima inquired about his mother’s well-being, and he responded, “Call me Tafida.” Confused, Ikilima mentioned the passage of time, but Tafida remained enigmatic.

After a brief pause, Tafida approached the men’s side, where she exchanged words with someone named Jan. The interaction hinted at a breach of protocol. Tafida, seemingly unfazed, departed the scene.

A considerable distance away, another figure observed Tafida’s actions. Recognizing a potential issue, he confronted Tafida, accusing her of violating the rules. Tafida, undeterred, challenged the accuser, identified as Princess Aysha, and defended her actions. The tension between them escalated, revealing an underlying conflict.

Meanwhile, Omar, still in the gym, continued his rigorous exercises, oblivious to the unfolding drama. He contemplated severing ties with Princess Aysha, troubled by her persistent attempts to involve him in her affairs.

As the commotion persisted, the king’s arrival hushed the crowd. The focus shifted to Omar’s prowess in the *Hazo* field. The king, seemingly pleased, watched as Omar lifted a heavy rock, showcasing his strength. Prince Faisal observed with mixed feelings, torn between admiration for Omar and a hint of resentment.

Omar’s performance drew cheers and accolades, and even Princess Aysha, despite her earlier conflict, was momentarily impressed. The scene concluded with the king expressing pride in Omar’s bravery. As Omar left the arena, he received the king’s praise, maintaining his humility and gratitude.

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