SA MAZA GUDU Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini


In a time not too long ago, in the ancient Arab Empire, there existed a prosperous city called Madinatul Zauwara. Ruled by the courageous and renowned warrior king, Sharkuf bin Aufan, the city thrived in trade and commerce with other lands. King Sharkuf had nine sons and one daughter, Princess Malika, who held a special place in his heart. However, the succession to the throne remained uncertain, as each son vied for their father’s favor and the chance to rule the kingdom.

Prince Lahaman, the eldest son, was known for his bravery and military prowess. He led the slave hunts for the king, often bringing back thousands of servants as spoils. Despite the large profits from these expeditions, Princess Malika was the one with substantial wealth, engaging in secretive and profitable business ventures.

Malika’s influence extended far and wide, dealing with kings, the rich, and various merchants. Every year, she embarked on a grand journey to visit major countries and shrines, accompanied by a significant entourage for her security, including the kingdom’s renowned soothsayer, Muzambil bin Samrad.

Prince Lahaman harbored great resentment towards Malika, believing that she would challenge his claim to the throne. His jealousy and hatred grew stronger, and he devised a sinister plan to eliminate her. Lahaman intended to imprison Malika and their mother, forcing his other siblings to obey him through fear or imprisonment.

On the day of Malika’s annual visit, when there were only three days left until Prince Lahaman’s return from a slave hunt, he attacked a neighboring country and caused immense destruction. That night, Lahaman targeted the king of the town and his bride, gruesomely murdering them in front of each other. His actions displayed his cruelty and thirst for power.

Prince Lahaman then proclaimed himself the ruler and planned to enslave his siblings, while Princess Malika remained imprisoned, away from the throne she deserved. The fate of Madinatul Zauwara hung in the balance, as the struggle for power and the dark intentions of Prince Lahaman threatened the peace and prosperity of the once-thriving city.

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