RUWAN JIRA Complete Document Written By Fauziya Tasiu Umar Ummu hairan


He gazed at her with a gaze that seemed to be searching, and murmured, “Zuhura, you’ll return, you will.” She mustered a smile, replying, “Oh Nura, who’s been telling you tales? I’m not glancing back at you, Yaya Nura. Please stop these absurdities.” He closed his eyes, muttering, “Come what may, I believe you’ll come back, my dear, and tell me everything.”

As they reached the entrance of the house, he alighted, securing the lock before stepping inside. She moved away, his words lingering, “Husband, you’re home, I wasn’t sure you’d return. Zuhura, what’s been troubling you lately, making you visit your family house?”

Attempting to compose herself, she swallowed hard before explaining, “It’s not what you think, Ahmad. It’s just my father’s situation that’s been weighing heavily on my mind. But I have faith that God will make it easier.” He inquired, “Are you still thinking about my friend?” She leaned into his embrace, responding, “He’s merely a friend, Ahmad. Shafeeq has also grown up and follows my lead.”

He whispered, “Then let’s enjoy ourselves, shall we?” She closed her eyes, brushing her hand against his shorts, retorting, “It’s not getting any bigger, Ahmad. It’s always been like this. You should seek a remedy for it.” “Ah, I meant the medication for erectile dysfunction. My dear Ahmad, you’ve begun worrying about me. Aren’t you tired of it?”

Following this, they headed to the mosque, with him urging her to return while he bathed and prayed. She, on the other hand, performed her ablutions and the evening prayer before settling down and meditating. Eventually, she lay down, her thoughts still consumed by Nuraddeen’s words. “Zuhura, over the years, you’ve danced in my heart. Losing you equates to losing all joy. God, grant me an amicable separation from Ahmad. I don’t wish our parting to be fatal.”

Before her, a clear path presented itself, and she whispered, “Who will depart first, me or Abban Husnah?” Shaking her head briskly, she expelled the thought as Ahmad arrived, extinguishing the lamp before joining her in bed. They engaged in their usual intimacy, but tonight, she couldn’t fully participate. Nuraddeen’s words echoed in her mind, and they spent the night in silence. When dawn approached, she extended herself, performed her ablutions, and implored God to alleviate her troubles.

Preparing for the morning prayer, she made her way to the kitchen as Ahmad readied himself to leave. Engrossed in her tasks, the phone rang, and she hastened to answer. Not recognizing the number, she hesitated momentarily before addressing the caller. She glanced at the door anxiously and inquired, “How are you this morning, Nura?” His voice quivered as he responded, “It’s unbearable, Zuhura. I’m trying my best, but it feels like my heart is being tested. She’s attempting to persuade me. Why did I utter divorce thrice before someone got the chance to claim you…”

Wiping away her tears, she ended the call and continued with her chores, whispering, “I must seek solace with my family. Yaya Nura seeks my help with his marital issues.” She completed the cooking, arranged the dining area, and retreated to their bedroom. “Good morning,” he greeted, and she reciprocated with a smile. Laughing together, they shared breakfast, conversing until he had to depart. She also made her way to her workplace, her thoughts still in disarray.

Suwaiba interrupted her reverie, announcing, “Zuhura is waiting for you outside.” Startled, she raised her gaze, questioning, “Who’s that?” Bowing her head, Suwaiba clarified, “Your brother has been coming around for a few days.” Zuhura’s expression softened as she remarked, “Why, though?” Raising her palm, Suwaiba pleaded, “Please, convey that to him. What’s the point of you and this man? Everyone sheds tears, and I witness yours too. God, untangle this knot of Zuhura from me.”

Shaking her head, Zuhura replied, “Do not trouble yourself with matters that don’t concern you. May God bless you. It’s all destined. One thing I can tell you is that Yaya Nuraddeen is my past, my ex-husband, with whom I entered into matrimony as lovers. Eventually, when I started trusting him, I was elated to spend my life with him. Jinjina Kai Suwaiba implored, “Please, share with me the reason for your separation. I yearn to hear the story, Zuhura. I care for you deeply. I understand your love for your brother.”

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