At the doorway of Umma’s room, she motioned for him to follow her and led him to Abban’s room. He stood there in the center of the room as she entered. His eyes followed her, and he knew what had brought her.


He quickly interrupted her.

“Words won’t change anything. Let’s simply pray for her. We don’t know what God has planned.”

“But it’s our responsibility to find a good husband for her, someone whose faith and character we trust. But what about Adam? Does he meet these criteria?”

He sighed after removing his large shirt and hat, then said,

“Let’s entrust everything to God. He knows better than us. I cannot prevent Yaya Asabe from pursuing what she desires, nor can I reject her son because of his past actions. I am not too proud to face the test that God has set for me with someone like him.”

“Now, you’re telling me this just because we want to see our daughter married, so we’re willing to accept anything, even if it’s against our better judgment?”

“If it is destined, consider it as something God has planned for a reason. Then, work on changing his behavior, for a woman has a profound influence on a man’s life.”

Something about his words troubled Umma; she didn’t share the belief that a woman could change a man’s character merely through her presence. To her, such notions were often used to oppress women. She stood there, watching him as he adjusted his hat, and he added,

“Don’t do anything to jeopardize the marriage. Let’s pray that nothing breaks it apart unless Yaya Asabe herself declares it ended. As long as she says nothing, we must proceed with it.”

She remained silent, deeply hurt by their conversation. Once he left, she sat there, nursing her feelings of pain and exhaustion. She had reached her limit with Abban and everything related to him.

Eventually, she rose and left the room, guiding him back to the main hall. From there, she proceeded to Asma’un’s room and found her engrossed in the afternoon prayer. Umma waited for her to finish before entering and sitting quietly.

Asma’un sensed something was amiss and finally asked, “Umma, what happened?”

“Am I that obvious?”

“Oh Adam, I can’t comprehend what’s going on.”

“Did you know that every person’s life is predestined by God, and every child is meant to obey their parents and will never disobey? Your father has decided to arrange your marriage with your brother Adam…”

Asma’un was taken aback, and she had to hold herself together.

“Umma, Adam?”

Umma nodded.

“Innalillah wa inna ilahi rajiun. Umma, by God’s grace, I don’t like him. His behavior is not good, Umma, I truly dislike him. I swear to God, Umma, I don’t like him, Father Abba’s son. Please understand.”

Tears welled up in her eyes, and Umma quickly wiped them away to regain her composure.

“Why are you doing this? Can’t you obey your father?”

“But what about Umma Adam? Umma, Adam says he’s sorry, I can’t do this.”

Asma’un glanced at her surroundings, aware of the prying eyes of their community.

“Hush and listen to me. Who is your father? Do you know Hajiya Mama’s relationship with him? Neither you nor your mistress can change his intentions unless they say it’s over. So, I don’t care; I won’t allow you to incur your father’s wrath. Obey him and be safe. I will do the same. Pray to God, and you will see the benefits of obedience.”

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