RABEE’AH Complete Document Written By Rabe’art Shuaib Nababa


Since last night, she had been feeling unwell, a heavy weight on her heart. The words of gratitude and blessings remained unspoken, as she lay in bed, unable to open her mouth to utter the usual prayers.

Even in the morning, after the night’s conversation that usually took place in her bed, she drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, as the city embraced a cold weather, she went to class. Upon entering, the usual chatter fell silent. Weary, she rested herself on the desk. Meenah, her classmates approached, concerned about her well-being. They inquired about her health, as it was unusual to see her in such a condition. She had been like this since yesterday.

During the first period, the math teacher, Yashigo, attempted to capture their attention, but Sam, her mind elsewhere, paid no heed. The whole class, on the verge of understanding the math lesson, was interrupted when Master Jabir, the discipline master, entered, announcing a name – RABEE’AH SHU’AYB NABABA.

At the mention of her name, Meenah, immediately felt a jolt, and her chest tightened. Her entire body went limp, rendering her unable to move.

Anxious, Meenah heard a voice, “Dad, are you asleep?” Her father, responding calmly, assured her that he wasn’t. Standing up after Mr. Jabir, her heart raced with fear at the unusual call she had never experienced before.

As they walked towards Almash (the car), she was surprised to see her father. He rarely visited the school, and his face, always tense, betrayed little about his emotions.

Once inside the car, heading home, her mother declared, “I’m coming home,” leaving no room for Meenah to inquire about what had transpired.

They started walking, and Sam Yaki refrained from asking, sensing the gravity of the situation. Meenah, overcome with fear, recited prayers in her heart.

Approaching their house, they found a crowd at the door. Almash, without looking at her, grabbed her hand and held it tightly, a gesture of reassurance. In the courtyard, she encountered her uncle, Abu Xarrin, who had moved away six years ago. His gaze conveyed understanding.

Seeing tears in her mother’s eyes, Meenah’s heart sank further. Unable to bear the suspense, she rushed forward, pleading to know who had passed away before her heart stopped beating.

It was her uncle who embraced her, soothing her with his words. He spoke of gratitude for the departed and declared her as the one they loved the most. Overwhelmed, he apologized for not informing her earlier, expressing condolences for the loss of her mother. Tearfully, he concluded his speech, and in the ensuing silence, Meenah stood still. Concerned, her uncle rushed to find water to revive her from the shock.

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