QANGIN MASARAUTA Complete Document Written By Teemat Mohd


She sprinted with her hair tied back, moving as if her very soul had abandoned her. Seeking refuge in a nearby cave, fear gripped her, wary of potential harm.

Those who pursued her arrived breathlessly, their leader questioning, “Do you intend to report this to the boss?” Despite her calm demeanor, she remained silent, unsure of her next move. The youth demanded, “Why won’t you stop us from killing an animal?”

Expressing satisfaction in their collaboration, Rocket praised, “I value working with you because you possess intelligence. A strong person fears nothing.”

Admitting her illness, she prayed, “Oh God, help me out of this situation. You know my worries, oh God.” As if from heaven, Allah’s servants approached, bringing relief. Overjoyed, she attempted to emerge from the cave. Seeing her distress, they rushed to seek help from their wives.

“Hajjo! Hajjo!! Help a servant of God in the capital. She is in dire straits, unresponsive, and evading assistance.”

Struck on the head with sticks, her son fell under a divine power, his hair growing as a disease manifested. Despite the differences in their appearance, she thanked God for the equality among her children.

“Hajjo, stay away from my home.” Reluctant to retrieve stolen items, she covered her children and avoided opening the windows. Their striking resemblance left her amazed.

Preparing for sleep during a break, she refrained from waking others. As they returned, they assisted in changing clothes and bathing the children. Her awe of their beauty and similarity led to laughter.

Breast milk, left uncooked, failed to subside. She marveled at the child’s thick eyelashes, resembling a peaceful sleeper.

Marjana expressed admiration, prompting Hajjo to reveal her married status. Murjan’s mother, hesitant to disclose their names, observed quietly.

Connected to a breathing machine in the hospital, her son received oxygen. The distraught cries of a woman echoed, seeking divine intervention for a strained friendship with Fulani, who had suffered a recent loss.

Encouraging her to be patient, the speaker prayed for divine guidance and reassured her that she was in good hands.

“No, Ameen, she is not sad. May God bless her. I pray for her happiness, not understanding the reasons. Everyone celebrates, and her heart radiates joy. She quickly composes herself, determined to focus on her own happiness.”

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