PAPI NE Complete Document Written By NoorEeman



It’s eight o’clock at night in Sokoto State, and a heavy downpour has transformed the neighborhood into a silent and seemingly lifeless place. The rainwater, gushing like a torrent, exposes the fragile structures of most buildings in the area.

Amidst this rainy silence, a determined fifteen-year-old boy walks with purpose, undeterred by the tormenting weather. Despite his youthful appearance, his height suggests an age beyond his years. He sports pale jeans, a shirt, and sneakers, appearing older than his actual age.

Ignoring the cries of a baby echoing through the rain-soaked environment, the boy continues his journey. The sound seems to trouble his mind, intensifying as he approaches the door of a completely red house, signaling that something is amiss.

As he stands before the door, anxiety consumes him, fueled by the persistent cries of the baby. His eyes dart around in search of the source. Eventually, he bravely reaches into a basin, intending to lift the baby, but hesitates and opts to grab the entire basin, fearing that opening the door might worsen the situation.

In a moment of unexpected agility, the boy manages to catch the baby just as the basin separates from the water, sparing the infant from a potential fall. In the aftermath, he realizes the baby is covered in blood, suggesting a recent birth.

Filled with compassion, he cradles the baby close, protecting it from the rain that continues to hit their naked bodies. Despite his shirt being soaked, it serves as a makeshift shield for the infant. The baby, seemingly hungry, tries to suckle on the boy’s chest, further stirring empathy within him.

With urgency, the boy races back to their house, pushing through a solid wood door and entering to clothe both himself and the baby. The modest house reveals two rooms aside from a bathroom, with three large rocks in one corner, likely serving as a hearth. Plastic containers in the courtyard await rainwater, suggesting a frugal lifestyle.

Entering the first room, he lifts a curtain to reveal a fifty-nine-year-old woman sitting on a bed, her gaze fixed on him as if waiting for him to speak. The unspoken communication between them hangs heavy in the air.

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