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ZUCIYAR MASOYI 1 and 2 Complete Hausa Novel Document by ZUCIYAR MASOYI 1 and 2


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Author: Aisha A Bagudo ,

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She reclined in her room, originally her father's storage space for farming, but now, due to her growing height and the cessation of farming, she had claimed it as her own. The room was quite bare, with only a small mattress resembling those used by boarding school students. Next to it was her clothing box and a small tablet containing most of her school textbooks and novels. Below the tablet, her cosmetics were stored in a small basket. She mentioned that her ROG (computer) was placed in the center of the room, undergoing repairs. 

While engrossed in reading a novel about two friends dealing with betrayal, she heard her friend's voice greeting her aunt in the courtyard. She remained still until her friend entered her room, clutching some belongings. She jokingly scolded her friend, telling her not to occupy her sleeping space again, while making light-hearted gestures of affection.

Aisha, who had just arrived, noticed her friend's absence and jokingly exclaimed, "Oh God, all five prayers have been missed since you entered Amman; you're still engrossed in your books." Harara, playfully, slapped her on the back and gave her a warm hug. Hawa, also smiling, apologized and requested 20 minutes to freshen up. She added, "Sorry, dear, I need to wash up first; I'm quite hot and sweaty." With that, she headed to the bathroom, leaving Aisha amused.

Hawa didn't take long, and when she emerged from the bathroom, she didn't leave Aisha out in the cold, figuratively speaking. Aisha simply smiled at her. As she began to change into her clothes, Aisha asked, "Did you happen to meet someone outside? Are you dressing up for a special occasion?" Aisha opened the door and gestured outside. There, she had a few outfits hung. Hawa responded, "It's a gift from my father." Aisha expressed her gratitude, saying, "Your father is too kind. The outfit is lovely, but will it fit me?" Hawa chuckled and assured her that it would. She then donned her father's gifted outfit.

Sakina, her friend, added a touch of makeup, and they both reminisced about their boarding school days when sometimes they had to adjust to each other's pace, even if one wasn't particularly excited about it. Eventually, they finished getting ready, and Byn Moto, the family driver, arrived to pick them up. Hawa suggested they stop by the hospital to pay a visit before heading to the party. Sakina agreed, mentioning that they had heard that Hawa's mother might be discharged the next day.

It was a Saturday, and people were bustling about from morning till night. Some individuals were particularly curious about their attire. Hawa's mother returned home, and upon seeing Aisha, she greeted her warmly. She even knelt down to touch Aisha's head and asked, "What's your friend's name?" Aisha replied, "May God make things easier, thank you for visiting, Aisha. She then proceeded ahead while Aisha couldn't help but feel uneasy due to the lingering gaze of a man nearby. Such attention made her sometimes hesitant to go out.

As they headed toward the hospital's long balcony, which led to the entrance, Aisha was almost about to confront the man but restrained herself. Instead, she decided to wait, allowing him to pass. She didn't look back to identify who he was. Once he was out of sight, she closed the door behind him, and they all got into the car as the driver steered them toward the party venue.

Dr. Sagir had opened his office for their appointment. Salis stood at the door as Dr. Sagir greeted Abdullah and offered him some lemonade. Dr. Sagir mentioned that he needed to check Abdullah's medical file. Salis requested a moment to call the children who had just passed by.

Dr. Sagir showed kindness to Abdullah, and then he quickly glanced at the door and asked the children who had passed by to wait outside. Salis turned abruptly, while Abdullah took a seat and leaned back in the chair, feeling his heart racing. Dr. Sagir chuckled and told Abdullah to take his medicine, assuring him that the midwife would help. Abdullah felt grateful for Salis' translation assistance.

After the appointment, Salis and Abdullah left the office. They were met by a driver waiting for them. Abdullah hesitated, contemplating whether or not to address Salis and express his feelings. However, his heart pounded too loudly in his chest, and he couldn't find the words. He looked down, and they both exited the building without further conversation.

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