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Author: Ameera Adam ,

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Despite the size and weight of her swollen belly, as if she had been turned upside down, she raced desperately to save her life. She fled from malevolent spirits that pursued her, their grasping hands reaching for her distended abdomen.

Arriving at the edge of a dark, weeping tree, she couldn't even catch her breath. The pain in her back was excruciating, and her heart raced as if she were running through a scorching summer. She felt a stabbing pain, as if sharp scissors were cutting into her back. Slowly, she glanced behind her, only to see the malevolent entity following her like a shadow. The cries of babies began to echo like thunder in the forest, and she could hear their wails ringing in her ears.

Amidst the crying and laughter echoing through the woods, she noticed the silhouette of a figure approaching. The intense storm caused the trees to tremble and the ground to shake.

In a strange, beautiful language, she heard the voice of the figure say, "You are doomed, and so is what's inside you. You are cursed by the spirits residing within you." She didn't stop and began to feel something at her feet. At the same time, she heard a mournful sound.

She knelt down and crouched, and suddenly, the cries of babies mixed with the braying of a donkey reverberated through the forest, as if it were about to be torn apart. The babies began to crawl toward her like ants. Despite her condition, she couldn't stop trying to save her own life, but it was too late. Labor began, and the baby was born.

The newborn started to follow the trail of blood, licking it along with the other babies, like members of a secret society. Raihan, who had been kneeling, suddenly stood up, attempting to escape, but she immediately fell to the ground. Just as wolves thirsted for meat, the babies attacked her before turning to Mabiyya.

They looked back at the spot where she had stood, resembling a pack of wild animals, jumping and climbing over her lifeless body. They continued to lick her, and she screamed in agony, but none of them showed any signs of stopping. Then, her foot brushed against the baby that had emerged from her body, and it followed the trail of her blood, licking it. She screamed as if her life were being stolen from her.

She woke up in shock, feeling as though she had won a race. Her body trembled like that of a hare, and she was drenched in sweat, as if she had just stood in front of a blacksmith's forge.

"Bless you, and may you have a long life," Mama Uwani's voice echoed in her head. She quickly looked around, and upon seeing Mama Uwani, her body began to shake. She leaned against the edge of the bed, closed her eyes, and sighed, whispering, "Mother, Father."

"Do you need anything?" Mama Uwani asked.

She shook her head, rolled her eyes, yawned, and then addressed Mama Uwani, saying, "Mama Uwani, please make me some tea before I head out." Mama Uwani showed deep respect, bowing to her and saying, "Your front is a blessing, and your back is a blessing. Whatever you say, my lady, shall be done." With that, Mama Uwani left the room.

Raihan stood up, stretched, and sang her morning prayers. However, the bright sun indicated that it was nearly nine in the morning. Yet, something unusual had happened—her period had come early.

As Mama Uwani left the room, a dark figure slithered out from the corner. Its eyes glowed red, like the head of a snake at the end of its tail. It moved silently, its body shifting and changing in bewildering ways. It shifted into various forms, colors, and shapes before returning to its original form. Then, it leaped onto the bed where Raihan had been sitting, causing her to bleed slightly as it licked her. It licked her hand and followed her footprints, examining its surroundings.

The creature suddenly transformed into a mage again as Mama Uwani approached the door.


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