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ZABINA BOOK 2 Complete Hausa Novel Document by ZABINA BOOK 2


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Author: Fauziya Usman ,

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Umma, take a break. Ha ha, Safna, what's wrong with you? You're crying just because Safwan wanted to talk to you. You know what you're saying. Safna stood up and wept after learning that Safwan had intended to speak with her. "Don't worry about it," Umma consoled her. "Your father, Abba, told me to forgive Safwan, for he is the son of God. Everything will be fine, God willing." Safna composed herself and went to Zainab's room. "Bye, Abba," she murmured. "How could Safwan turn off his phone? Something must have happened."

Zainab didn't pay any attention to her. "He said he would talk to me," Safna continued. "But Abba, that's no reason at all. How come Safwan doesn't understand the pain? It's true, Umma," she lamented. "Those troublesome children, they're just like Hajiya and Abban Safwan. All their siblings know each other's behavior, so they should help each other."

They continued talking while walking towards the car. However, every time she attempted to speak, only a muffled denial escaped her lips, frustrating her further. She decided to remain silent, and he understood why. Tintini hadn't taken any action to hurt her, but now he knew better. "It's true that Safwan doesn't listen, but we'll talk to him in the morning. Zainab isn't happy about it either," Umma added.

The next morning, after Fajr prayer, she tried calling Safwan's phone, but her mind was clouded with worry as she returned home. She confided in Umma, mentioning that Aunty Zainab was also upset. With time running short, she got up and headed to the bathroom. After some time, she emerged. Aunty Zainab suggested that she take a breather or go back to bed, and if she had finished talking, why not break her fast?

Despite repeatedly attempting to reach Safwan's phone, the morning line remained busy, leaving her anxious and unable to find a way out of her worries about the future. Zainab came out, and Umma asked about Safna's whereabouts. Zainab responded, stating that Hajiya wasn't fasting and that they were all eating. Safna stood there, her eyes welling up with tears, still troubled by the situation with Safwan. Zainab suggested she get up and leave, so Safna did just that.

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