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ZABINA 1 TO 3 Complete Hausa Novel Document by ZABINA 1 TO 3


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Author: Fauziya Usman ,

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Alh Mansir returned home with his children, Salim and Safna, to meet Haj Aisha. He joyfully told them that they would be heading back to Nigeria on their 20th birthday the next day, and Safna would reunite with her family members, some known and some unknown.

Upon their arrival in Abuja, they embarked on a journey to Gwambe by car. However, their journey took an unfortunate turn when they encountered a group of robbers along the way. Some of the bandits pursued them, and in a stroke of bad luck, they opened fire, injuring two of them. The shocking incident left everyone in distress.

As their thoughts raced to Safna's safety, tragedy struck once more, and she too was shot. In addition to the physical harm, they lost their money and valuable possessions to the robbers.

After the attackers left, a sense of helplessness washed over them. Haj Aisha, overwhelmed with grief, turned to Alhaji and exclaimed, "They have taken the lives of our children." Salim, at sixteen years old, and Safna, who was just eight, were gone. Alhaji could only respond, "What has happened to Salim, my dear? They have taken our parents from us."

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