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YARO MA NAMIJI NE Complete Hausa Novel Document by YARO MA NAMIJI NE


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YARO MA NAMIJI NE Complete Document Written By Mai Dambu


Ranta found herself troubled since yesterday when Umma informed her that Abul Khairi would be coming from Ghana for a holiday at the year-end. She felt a sense of sorrow because she cherished the peace she had when he was away. Losing that peace worried her, and she wondered why she had been so protective of him. He acted like a small child in front of her, displaying behavior as if he were with his girlfriend. Her thoughts were consumed with their upcoming meeting when she would return from work, riding her bicycle back home.

Upon reaching their house, she saw him sitting in his friend's car, which they shared. Abul Khairi noticed her and stopped what he was doing. As he stepped out of the car, he didn't touch his money.

His friend teased him, "Hey Abul, good luck to you, my sweet. Has your mommy returned?"

"Ameer, where is she?"

"They are bargaining at their house's doorstep, looking for change."

Abul Khairi got out of the car while it was still moving, appearing almost fully grown; he was around twenty-four years old. He approached them slowly and greeted them with peace.

She replied, "Waalaikum Salam."

"Master, go with the money, and I will pay for it," he said to her.

Abul Khairi's friend looked at her with surprise and said, "Hey, did you hear that your brother said he used your money?"

Raita looked at him and looked back at Abul Khairi.

Abul Khairi smiled, successfully teasing her, and handed her a thousand naira, saying, "Malam, she doesn't have her hair; may God grant her luck."

She felt too sad to accept the money, so he took it back and moved to the second hall, where she lived.

"What's wrong with you? Why are you treating me like this today? I just returned, and you should forget everything. Holding onto past grudges isn't good; it makes a person age," he said to her.

Instead of getting angry, she gave him a blank look, and he playfully closed his beautiful eyes before pretending to breathe heavily.

Seeing this, she shook her head and said, "I won't hit or slap you."

He laughed and continued talking in a flirtatious manner, "Didi Rukayya, I'll find someone to take me, but don't worry, I'll come back strong..."

He then lost his way, and she followed him, observing his swaying movements. The sight left her feeling uncomfortable, and she noticed her body trembling and her hair standing on end.

As they reached the exit, Ameer was waiting for him.

"Don't worry, old groom," Ameer said, and everyone followed him, moving ahead.


Rukayya entered the house of the women in the courtyard, and they playfully cursed her. Inna started the exchange, and the others joined in, and the laughter of their children filled the air.

Her mother smiled and remarked, "I should have asked him to work."

Rukayya laughed because she and her mother often behaved similarly.

"Oh, my God, go rest. It's a sunny day, and you act like it's raining," Inna said teasingly.

"Wow, Mom, he's going to need a bath now."

Inna Kulu chimed in from outside, "Ay, the Tariqa girl is looking for a holiday partner. There's no need to stop pursuing work partners. The rest of the matters can wait or be disregarded."

"That's right, Inna Kulu," they all burst into laughter.

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