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YAR QAUYE KO YAR BIRNI 1 Complete Hausa Novel Document by YAR QAUYE KO YAR BIRNI 1


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Author: Rahma Muh'md Rufa'i Nalele ,

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At approximately 1:30 am, Marwan woke up to perform the night prayer, known as "lafula." After completing his ablution, he prepared to pray but suddenly heard the sound of a girl crying. He was taken aback by this unexpected disturbance.


Yafasa, a fellow villager, asked Marwan what was happening. Marwan explained that he had heard a girl crying and wanted to investigate. Canko, another villager, overheard their conversation and pleaded with Marwan not to leave the village of Nanba, fearing for his safety.


Marwan reassured Canko that he had no intention of leaving but was deeply concerned about the cries he had heard. He decided to follow the sound of the cries, and to his surprise, he encountered more cries as he walked through the village.


Taking a moment to compose himself, Marwan tried to pinpoint the source of the crying. He noticed that the door of Yanufa's house was open, and there he saw a girl who appeared exhausted and had not rested in ten years.


Marwan took out his phone and approached the girl, asking her why she was there. The girl remained silent, frustrating Marwan, who raised his voice in an attempt to communicate with her. Still receiving no response, Marwan became angrier and exclaimed that he would not talk to her.


In response, the girl, Aburkice, stood up and directed Marwan to look away before she would speak. Marwan agreed, and Aburkice began sharing her story.


She revealed that she was Larai's sister and that she had come to confront Larai about money she owed. Aburkice also mentioned an incident involving a plate and expressed her frustration with Larai. She explained that Larai had not taken her medication and was unwell.


Aburkice had returned to confront Larai, but she claimed that Larai threatened to harm her. In desperation, Aburkice had sought help from Isma'ila, who wanted to see Marwan.


Marwan listened intently to Aburkice's story, taking in the details of her appearance and the changes in her attire. He inquired about Isma'ila, and she confirmed that he was the one who wanted to meet Marwan.


The discussion continued, and Aburkice shared her life's hardships, including financial struggles and family issues. She spoke of her daily routine, which involved various tasks, and Marwan learned about her challenging circumstances.


Marwan offered his assistance and asked why she had sought him out. Aburkice explained that she reached out to him in times of trouble, and Marwan agreed to help her. She revealed that she had faced adversity since the age of three and had felt neglected by her father.


Aburkice described how her father's attitude had changed after an illness, and she suspected he saw her as a form of punishment. Marwan questioned her about the illness, and she disclosed that her father had been bedridden and unable to walk.


Despite seeking medical help, they lacked the funds for treatment. Aburkice's sister, Larai, had refused to provide financial assistance until a cure was found. Marwan learned that their teacher was also involved in seeking a solution to the illness.


As their conversation continued, Aburkice revealed that she was currently 35 years old and had not attended school but was trying to learn from others. She mentioned her father's attempts to marry her off and her desire to study further.


Marwan felt compassion for Aburkice's difficult life in the village and learned about her family's challenges. While reflecting on her story, he noticed another villager, Adam, heading towards his pen, which piqued his curiosity.

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