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YAR MAULAH Complete Hausa Novel Document by YAR MAULAH


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"Ummah, please put this stick away from me. I went to the Maulan's house myself, and I will come back. You're tired. We've been walking since morning," Safiyatu said.

The old woman's hand trembled as she called out, "Safiyatu, where are you?" Safiyatu moved closer to her, saying, "I'm here, Oumma."

"Good. Find some shade for us. Let's sit down and see how much we've collected in the maul," Oumma replied. Safiyatu held Oumma's hand, guiding her to a spot under a tree by the roadside. They sat on the ground, and Safiyya took out a leather bag filled with karaya from the maul, along with Oumma's begging bowl. She counted and said with a hint of sadness, "Oumma, we've only collected 30 Naira in total."

Oumma remained silent for a moment before saying, "Safiyatu, may God bless those who gave. Now go and cross the Kisamo road, and may God bless you even if it's raining."

Safiyatu had been entrusted with the task of collecting food for Oumma for the past two days. She wiped her tears, looking at Oumma, who was blind and couldn't see her. Then she stood up and said to Oumma, "Wait for me here. I'll be back soon." With that, she turned and hurried towards the bridge.

Safiyatu couldn't see ahead clearly due to the noise and commotion around her. She carefully made her way to the middle of the road, and with God's help, she safely crossed to the other side.

As she headed to Wata's place, a vendor selling roasted maize asked her for 20 Maasar (a unit of currency). Safiyatu replied with a mixture of humor and frustration, "Don't even get me started! I've got no more to give. You come here, talking about 20 points and 20 corns, as if life is that cheap." She muttered to herself, "Safiyatu, you're a real Messiah of charity."

She continued on her way, but her attention was suddenly drawn to a car with tinted windows. As she approached, the car window rolled down, revealing a young woman with radiant legs. She was dressed in an Abaya with red flowers and wore black sunglasses that covered half her face.

Safiyatu stopped in her tracks, and the woman stepped out of the car, her legs shimmering. The woman, who appeared to be no older than 30, was dressed in Alfarma attire, including a veil that covered her face. She had a black dress and was adorned with eye-catching accessories.

The woman seemed impatient, and Safiyatu could feel the gaze of onlookers on her. One of the thieves got out of the car, and the window of the car's sunroof opened. Safiyatu watched in awe as the woman descended gracefully.

The woman started speaking with urgency, and Safiyatu could barely comprehend what she was saying. Suddenly, the woman burst into tears, crying profusely. She knelt down and wiped her tears with someone who seemed to be shocked by her actions.

An elderly lady, who appeared to be in charge, rushed to the woman's side and wiped her hands. The woman's body was shaking as she said, "Hajiya Lailah, your stature and status are higher than mine. Please touch my hands, and may God bless this humble servant." She continued wiping her hands with a white handkerchief.

The woman cursed someone called Hajiya Lailah, and Oumma, Safiyatu's grandmother, called out for Safiyatu. Safiyatu quickly went to retrieve the walking stick and said, "Oumma, I'm going to buy something for us."

Later, Laylah, the woman who had arrived in the car, remarked, "Is she Maula's daughter or Makauniya's daughter? Pffft." She shook her head, seemingly irritated. "I have to go home and check my account. It looks like we're going to get kicked out."

Safiyatu overheard Laylah's comments and couldn't believe her ears. Laylah seemed agitated as she continued talking about someone named Maryam. She then abruptly headed towards her car without waiting for a response.

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