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YAR LESBIAN CE Complete Hausa Novel Document by YAR LESBIAN CE


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Author: Nadiya Mohammed Ahmad ,

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She sat on the school campus, watching as her children, students of the school, walked through the parking lot filled with parked cars, a common sight for the students.


She received a call, and the voice on the other end spoke hurriedly, "Kaduna Zamu Huce Zaria. Your driver is not coming. I'm in Kaduna. I'm in Abuja." She recognized the voice as Feenat's and replied calmly, "Don't worry, just go ahead and thank him. He'll come to my location. Khady Yazaki, you never know what to say." The driver's absence didn't seem to concern her as they continued their conversation.


A few moments later, she sighed and expressed her frustration, "I don't need to see Kausar. On the 30th of Safar, she came to me and said 'Mtswwwww' from Zatayi's head." She glanced at her friend Leemah Atare, who rolled her eyes in response. Haruna, the driver, was now the topic of discussion, and Nakira, the father, was supposed to be on his way. She pondered if something had delayed him, but her best friend's identity remained unknown.


Her brother started walking towards them, and Leemah smiled, prompting a smile from her as well. She reassured her friend, "Don't worry, Anya, he's coming to Besameniba." The plan was for her to call their father and inform him to turn back. They reached the house where Leemah's brother was parking.


As they arrived, they spotted Leemah's brother and greeted him enthusiastically. She jumped up and down, saying, "Bro, I miss you. I miss you." They exchanged warm greetings and then turned to leave. Before departing, her father's voice echoed as he wished them well and asked God to protect them. She replied with an "Amen" and her father told her not to end the call. As they bid farewell to her father over the phone, she turned around, and their eyes met with Leemah.


They shared a moment and then proceeded to try the mortar, leaving behind the events of the day.

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2 months ago


Ina godiya da kasance tare daku


2 months ago


Replying to kabir-2

Aha muma muna godiya da kasancewarka a shafinmu

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