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YAR DANDI CEH Complete Hausa Novel Document by YAR DANDI CEH


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Author: Sa'adatu Bintu Abdullahi ,

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Janan Hotel, located in Kaduna State, is renowned as a significant establishment. Its grandeur and fame have made it a household name across Nigeria. The hotel's exquisite architecture, from the entrance gate to the lobby, contributes to its current widespread recognition. Its clientele mainly consists of the affluent, reflecting the opulence of its ownership.

Upon my arrival, I entered the bustling dance hall, illuminated as though it were midday, despite the late hour. The spacious hall reverberated with the pulsating beats of Naira Marley's "Common," amplified by the formidable sound system. In the midst of the vibrant gathering, some were engaged in intimate embraces and suggestive movements, with a few individuals appearing scantily clad, showcasing the natural beauty bestowed upon them by the divine.

Meanwhile, other attendees indulged in passionate interactions, including amorous embraces, intimate caresses, and uninhibited displays of affection. Women shared tender moments with their companions, while some men engaged in intimate gestures, including affectionate embraces and displays of affection. A section of the hall was furnished with lavish seating arrangements, accompanied by lavish tables, as guests reveled in various social activities, ranging from savoring beverages to observing the enthralling dance performances amidst the radiant ambiance.

The decor exuded an air of luxury, complemented by intricate embellishments that adorned the surroundings. The hotel staff, distinguished by their uniform bearing the hotel's name, attended to the guests with utmost professionalism.

Notably, a trio of young women occupied a secluded space, enclosed by an assortment of coding bottles. Their demeanor reflected a carefree spirit as they immersed themselves in their intoxicating indulgence. One among them, the youngest at 17, emanated an irresistible allure, possessing a striking youthfulness that captivated onlookers. Her timeless beauty transcended mere description, captivating the gaze of those around her. Despite their youthful exuberance, they exuded an aura of worldly wisdom and serenity, embodying a distinct sense of ease and grace.

Among these individuals, the one with an undeniable allure captured my attention. Her charm transcended the ordinary, leaving an indelible impression that lingered long after I had departed from the hall. Truly, her timeless elegance was a testament to the splendor of human beauty, a rare sight that left an indelible mark on my memory.

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