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WACECE ITA Complete Hausa Novel Document by WACECE ITA


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Author: Hauwa M Jabo ,

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WACECE ITA Complete Document Written By Hauwa M Jabo

WACE CE ITA is a captivating hausa love novel written by Hauwa M. Jabo that will keep readers engrossed in a world filled with suspense and emotions. The story begins with a thrilling scene where urgency fills the air as the characters anxiously try to avoid being caught by the manager. The protagonist, a slender girl, stands on top of the ice, demanding to know how many mangoes she has picked. A little girl responds, stating that she has gathered eight mangoes, but three are missing. The mysterious girl on top of the ice confirms the count and shares her unique perspective of looking like a monkey from above.




As the narrative unfolds, the identity of the enigmatic girl becomes the central question. The plot takes an unexpected turn when she fearlessly climbs a tall tree, leaving the other characters in awe. Curiosity grows as the protagonist reflects on her own fearlessness and wonders who this daring individual could be. Along the way, the story introduces various characters, including an old man known as Baba Shehu, who guards the place where the girl descended.

Tensions rise as the characters navigate their surroundings, seeking ways to evade Baba Shehu's watchful eyes. They devise strategies to outsmart him and ensure their safe passage. Amidst the challenges, the protagonist's determination to face her fears and stand up against obstacles becomes evident. The story delves into themes of bravery, friendship, and the quest for freedom.

The narrative weaves a tale of adventure, incorporating elements of humor and heartwarming moments. The characters, particularly the protagonist and her companions, face trials and tribulations that test their resilience. The interactions among the characters highlight their unique personalities and the dynamics of their relationships.

As the story progresses, the plot takes surprising twists and turns, keeping readers engaged and guessing. The author's descriptive writing style brings the scenes to life, allowing readers to visualize the characters and their surroundings vividly. The dialogue between the characters adds depth and authenticity to their interactions.

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