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WA YA SAN GOBE Complete Hausa Novel Document by WA YA SAN GOBE


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Author: Safiyya Abdullahi Huguma ,

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She sat on the carpet covering her bed, bending her legs and resting her cheeks on both palms while staring at the food flask in front of her. However, her heart and soul were in a different world. Despite her hunger when she entered the house, she couldn't bring herself to take a single bite of food.

It was the fourth time in her life that her eyes had met his, but he had become a source of turmoil for her. Ever since the day she first laid eyes on him, a strange and intense emotion had taken over her heart and body. She could only describe it as a fiery love, akin to a storm raging within her. It felt like a darkness that had enveloped her. She couldn't help but wonder why her heart had chosen to fall in love with someone who was beyond reach, someone whose name and whereabouts remained a mystery.

She let out a sigh and opened the food flask with the intention of taking a bite to appease her hunger. Her mother's voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Have you eaten something good? You've been sitting here for over an hour, and you still haven't eaten. Are you okay?" her mother inquired.

She furrowed her brow and replied, "Ummi, I was hungry, but I just couldn't eat. My appetite has been off."

Her mother sighed, concern in her eyes. "We're going through a tough time, aren't we? It's good that you're not forcing yourself and getting an ulcer. But it's not the same without you at the dinner table. Your sister said she'll forgive you if you join us."

She chuckled, shaking her head. "My body's just being stubborn, Ummi."

As her mother reached the door, she turned back and said, "Oh, I almost forgot to mention. I'll need you to take me to Alh Salim's house for a couple of days. We need some quiet time."

She raised an eyebrow, asking, "Do you know the way, Ummi?"

Her mother, who had given her the money, replied, "I'm not going to buy makeup for you. We'll go with the driver."

She nodded, understanding the arrangement. "Alright, Ummi. I'll be ready in ten minutes. I'll meet you in the living room."

Her mother smiled and headed for the door, while she made her way to the attached bathroom, ready to prepare for the outing.

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