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UMMIE Complete Hausa Novel Document by UMMIE


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**Kano State**


She set down her teacup, glancing at Umma as she spread butter on a slice of bread. "I'm sorry, Umma," she began, "but there are some clients named *YUSUF* scheduled for a 9 am meeting. The conference room is still under repair, so I should head to the office before 8."

Without waiting for Umma to fetch her handbag, she adjusted her abaya and said, "May God protect and watch over you."

A warm smile illuminated the young woman's face, revealing her charming dimples. Adjusting her glasses, she replied, "Amen, Ummana."

With that, she exited the house. Umma beamed and muttered, "God bless you, *ZARAH*. May God protect your honor wherever you go."

She strolled outside and caught a brief nap, as their home was close to the street. 

After a considerable journey, she arrived at a magnificent five-story building. The sign at the top read *TWO BROTHERS*.

Sallamara Me Napep entered through a discreet side entrance, subject to security checks. She quickly passed through and exchanged greetings with the people who waved to her.

She opted for the elevator over the stairs due to the lengthy ascent. Upon reaching her office, she dropped her bag and stepped out again. She entered an office a short distance away, offering a salute.

Inside, a young man was seated, engrossed in his work with a USB drive. He lifted his gaze to meet her eyes and greeted her, "I was just about to call you."

She settled into a chair and inquired, "Is everything alright?"

"Yes, everything is fine. Are preparations in order for the event?" he asked, a smile gracing his lips.

"Everything is proceeding as planned. I need you to contact Kabiru. We require the meeting room to be prepared, food to be ordered, and lemon water served by 9 am. We're expecting some clients for a joint project," she explained.

"Ah, Zarah, the work queen! The call I received was about this very event. Why did Ummana mention that you were on vacation until after the party?" he asked curiously.

"Really?!" She widened her eyes in astonishment.

He chuckled and responded, "I was surprised too. It seems he wants you to enjoy your vacation and not worry about work. He instructed me to inform you that he's occupied with work."

She reclined in her chair, smiling. "I'm genuinely delighted," she admitted.

"Alright, don't let me keep you here. Head home. Zainab will come later to discuss party arrangements," he instructed.

Zarah rose from her chair, adjusted her glasses, and playfully remarked, "Umma seems a bit upset with you, *ZAYD*. May God bless you. Did you forget to do something for her?"

Pausing his work, he looked at Zarah and said sincerely, "I'll make amends, God willing. Please convey my apologies."

She touched her lips and left the office.

Rather than returning home, Zarah went to the office and began tackling some pending tasks, all the while pondering Yusuf's visit. He was known for his quiet demeanor. She occasionally glanced outside, considering whether to find a hiding spot. Meanwhile, Zayd had messaged her that he'd notified her about canceling the leave she had planned.

Zayd halted in front of her office, hearing movement inside. A young man, impeccably dressed in a Desmond Merrion supreme suit, caught his attention. His footwear bore the name Crockett, and his wrist sported a smartwatch. Although he possessed no wealth or extravagant attire, his striking features spoke of a different allure. He wasn't of fair complexion but had a captivating charm.

He gently pushed open the door to her office and observed her for a moment before saying, "Zarah! Why so quiet?"

"Yes," she responded, somewhat perplexed. She stifled a sigh of frustration before emerging from behind her desk. He appraised her from head to toe before asking, "Didn't Zayd inform you of my message?"

"Yes," she replied tersely, her confusion evident. "Ahhh, I mean, he just informed me that you're about to leave."

She retreated to her desk as swiftly as she had emerged, leaving him where she found him.

"Thank you," she murmured, attempting to walk past him. "Wait," he said, turning to her. She stopped and smiled.

He produced an envelope from his suit pocket and handed it to her, saying, "FAROOQ sends his best wishes."

She nodded quickly, saying, "Please convey my gratitude."

He placed a hand on her shoulder and uttered, "May God bless you," before departing. She slipped her hand into the envelope, her smile growing.


"Zarah! Zarah!" The way he called her name brought her back from her reverie of a past life, before she married this harsh man...

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