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TSEGUMINA Complete Hausa Novel Document by TSEGUMINA


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After spending over two years searching for employment following my graduation from Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, I finally secured a job at a newspaper office in Dabo (Kano) called MIKIYA. Our team consisted of no more than ten employees. The newspaper's owner, Ibrahim Atiku, was known for his radical, arrogant, and quick-tempered personality. He emphasized the importance of money in life and urged us to find news stories that would capture the public's attention and increase our revenue.

His words sparked a competitive spirit among us. Every employee aimed to present a story that would grab headlines. To achieve this, I decided to visit Khairat Night Club, locally known as a shakatwa house, in hopes of finding a captivating story. After paying the entrance fee, a welcoming young man guided me to a table in the middle of the club, equipped with three chairs.

As I settled into my seat, the young man asked what I would like to order. I inquired about their offerings, to which he replied they had lemonade and even beer available. I opted for lemonade and, after taking a sip, began to survey the surroundings. The place was bustling with patrons, some grooving to the music while others were attempting to dance, particularly the younger crowd.

I tried to locate the source of the music but couldn't pinpoint it. My train of thought was disrupted when I noticed a striking young woman entering the club. Her beauty was undeniable, and her mere presence seemed almost ethereal. She caught my eye with a smile as she approached.

However, what intrigued me beyond her beauty was an inexplicable familiarity. It felt as though we had met before, yet I couldn't recall the circumstances. I beckoned the young man over and asked him about the woman who had just walked by.

He identified her as Hajiya, the club's owner, and mentioned that she was expecting a child. I contemplated approaching her for a conversation but was torn, as a part of me feared that engaging with her might hinder my quest to remember where I had previously encountered her.

With these thoughts in mind, I left the club and headed to where I had parked my car at Izuwa Park. As I contemplated my next move on the way home, I couldn't shake the feeling that I was on the verge of uncovering a mystery tied to the past.

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