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TSAKA MAI WUYA Complete Hausa Novel Document by TSAKA MAI WUYA


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Added On: 10, Oct 2023

Author: Yusuf Abdullahi A Jibaga ,Bukar Mada ,

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"Hajiya Rahama, we kindly request that you confirm the details of your testimony in court regarding the accusation you have made against your driver, Yusuf, for the alleged murder of your only daughter. Did the incident indeed occur? Did you apprehend him, Hajiya?"

The courtroom was packed with onlookers, all gripped by the somber title of the case. Hajiya Rahama took a deep breath and began her account.

"The incident took place on a Friday evening. My daughter, Safara'u, had returned home from school as usual and headed to the refrigerator to find her beloved chilled Maltina. It was her preferred beverage, and she seldom indulged in snacks. Regrettably, we had run out of Maltina, so she called for Yusuf, our driver, and dispatched him to fetch her a cold one.

After a while, he returned with the drink for her and retired to his quarters. I assumed she was resting in her room, but as dusk fell, I grew concerned and decided to check on her. To my utter shock, I discovered her lifeless in her bed, her body covered in foamy bubbles. Our doctor later confirmed that my daughter, Safara'u Tasha, had been poisoned, leading to her untimely demise."

Hajiya Rahama concluded her testimony, her voice breaking into sobs. Her attorney, turning to the judge, asked for permission to present her doctor as a witness.

"Your Honor, our doctor is waiting to testify in court and present the medical evidence confirming that the cause of the young ambassador's death was indeed poisoning," the lawyer stated. Hajiya Rahama responded with a solemn nod, affirming the need for the doctor's testimony.

The court's physician was summoned to provide his testimony and present the medical findings that unequivocally pointed to poisoning as the cause of the ambassador's death.

Turning his attention to the accused, the lawyer addressed Yusuf, the driver. "Mr. Yusuf, was it wisdom or gain that drove you to commit such an egregious breach of trust, even leading to the death of your employer's daughter? What led you to perpetrate this betrayal?"

The entire courtroom was fixated on Yusuf, whose tearful countenance told a story of anguish. His hands were bound in restraint, and he hesitantly lifted his head.

"Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un, I swear by the Almighty who sustains my breath that I had no part in the ambassador's demise. I merely carried out my duties and left. When I noticed the arrival of the police at Hajiya's residence, I departed. They unjustly accused me, and I was taken into custody in the name of murder. I am innocent, and my life is all I have. My mother depends on me, and she would be left destitute if I were to face such an accusation. I was only working to support my family, and my home sorely lacks the generosity I had in Hajiya's house.

Innallillahi Wa'inna Ilaihir rajun... You hold my life in your hands, and I am not even capable of harming a rat, let alone a human being."

The attorney for the prosecution then made his closing remarks to the judge. "Your Honor, based on the compelling evidence presented by Hajiya Rahama and her doctor, it is clear that Yusuf, the driver, is responsible for the death of Hajiya Rahama's daughter. His arguments, which he later refuted with a mere complaint, are insufficient and should not be entertained by this court. May justice be served."

The lawyer for the defense delivered his final statement, and the judge adjourned the case until the 28th of the month, allowing one more week for a decision to be reached. Until then, Yusuf would remain in police custody without the option of bail. The judge's announcement concluded the proceedings for the day.

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