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TARKON SO Complete Hausa Novel Document by TARKON SO


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TARKON SO, written by Ummu Mufeed, is a Hausa love novel that tells a story about the ups and downs of a romantic relationship between Rabi'atu and Umar. The novel explores themes such as love, betrayal, sickness, and societal pressure.

The story begins with Rabi'atu and Umar entering a hotel room where they engage in sexual activities. Despite Rabi'atu taking charge during their intimate moments, they both enjoy it. However, things take a turn when Rabi'atu falls sick and Umar takes care of her. It is revealed that Rabi'atu is pregnant, and Umar is overjoyed. He promises to take care of her and shows her a lot of love, which surprises even Rabi'atu. She prays that their love will continue to flourish.

Meanwhile, Saddiqa, Umar's sister, is also experiencing growth and change in her life. She has started attending school and is no longer interested in other men as her heart belongs to Umar. Saddiqa's mother pressures Umar to bring her and her daughter, Akula, to Nigeria. Umar works on their visas, and they are set to arrive soon.

However, there is a dark cloud hovering over their happiness. The novel addresses the issue of sexually transmitted diseases and how people often carry them without knowing. Despite this, Rabi'atu and Umar do not think of asking for their health status before engaging in sexual activities. The novel highlights the importance of being cautious and getting tested for STDs.

As the story progresses, the couple plans to go abroad for a competition. They need a dress for their flight, and the author takes readers on a journey of how they prepare for their trip. The novel ends on a cliffhanger, leaving readers curious about what will happen to the couple in their future.

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