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SO BAYAN RAI Complete Hausa Novel Document by SO BAYAN RAI


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Author: Shafi'u Dauda Giwa ,

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SO BAYAN RAI Complete Document Written By Shafi'u Dauda Giwa


Every year, Ahmadu Bello University in Zazzau city celebrates the arrival of new students. The campus is a melting pot of students from different states, domestic and foreign countries, all coming together to experience the joy and vibrancy of university life. The campus is renowned for its growth, architectural marvels, and academic excellence, particularly in science and technology.

The celebration is not limited to students alone; people from all walks of life gather to witness the festive atmosphere. Friends and acquaintances of the students come to congratulate them, take pictures, and enjoy the open-air ambiance reminiscent of a capital city.

Amir, a popular student at Ahmadu Bello University, is known for his good looks and trendy style. With his glasses and charming appearance, he captivates the attention of many. Amir takes great pride in his well-groomed hair, always shining in the sunlight, and his preference for stylish short clothes adds to his allure. He exudes confidence and attracts attention everywhere he goes.

Amir, studying literature in English, has been at the university for three years and is well-liked among his peers. However, his popularity soars even higher when it comes to the attention he receives from girls. Many girls have confessed their love for him, and others have tried to win him over through his friends. Surprisingly, Amir remains composed and selective when it comes to love. He prefers to see the girls in person, assess their qualities, and make a decision.

Although Amir is pursued by many, he does not take relationships lightly. He is not easily swayed by material possessions or cars; rather, he seeks genuine connections. His friends are often left baffled by his approach to dating, as he quickly changes girlfriends if the connection is not authentic. Amir remains true to himself and follows his heart, and this has left some girls heartbroken and seeking answers.

Amir's close friends, Mustafha and Haidar, are no strangers to his actions. They know him well and have witnessed his romantic escapades. Amir's choices might confuse some, but he remains unapologetic about his approach to love. For him, a genuine connection is worth waiting for, even if it means turning down superficial advances.

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