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SIRRINSU Complete Hausa Novel Document by SIRRINSU


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Author: Maje El Hajeej Hotoro ,

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SIRRINSU Complete Document Written By Maje El-Hajeej Hotoro


Maryam! Aisha! When are we meeting again?"

My girlfriend didn't even glance at my bag,
"Faruk! You always steal the show!"

Boss! It's a real Tropicana moment.

"You said, I said," confusion and noise reverberated,
Amidst countless men and women gathered, they waited.
At Nigeria's football field, a vibrant sight,
After the Costa Rica vs. Nigeria World Cup youth fight.

My heart raced, bewildered and astounded,
It felt like she broke my chest, where love was confounded.
I am Arayuata, and in the middle of the night,
I met someone I call "human," an enchanting sight.

She appeared like a fairy or a ghostly sprite,
A vision so ethereal, a breathtaking light.
After the game, her presence enraptured me,
My eyes soaked in her beauty, a sight to see.

Shuraih Usman, a name etched in memory,
Nigerian army chief, General Abubakar's company.
As journalists and workers snapped away,
I focused on Shuraih, captivated by her display.

With her white eyes and hair, she was stunning,
Her aura emanated grace, with elegance brimming.
A tall woman with a commanding presence,
She had the mind of both husband and wife, a rare essence.

Her long nose and delicate lips held a secret,
Her beauty, captivating, one could not forget.
No matter her origin, I was drawn to her grace,
In her presence, the world seemed a better place.

Her black attire accentuated her appeal,
Her charm akin to Princess Laila, a surreal feel.
Wearing a beautiful shoe with three colors in tune,
My heart danced like a lion beneath the moon.

I greeted her with a brave smile on my face,
Wondering if she understood Hausa or embraced another race.
"Hello," I said, hoping for a response from her,
To my surprise, she replied, a moment to treasure.

"I would be delighted to accompany you to the moon,
Solving all problems and joyfully attune."
"Indeed, your presence brings me happiness too,
As we meet, you've taken my heart, it's true," I said with a view.

She was intrigued by my response, a pleasant surprise,
Observing her delicate thread, she seemed wise.
"You're surprised, I can tell," she affirmed,
"About women like me, there are stories untold and unconfirmed."

"How are women like you?" I questioned with a glance,
Gazing at her beautiful thread, taking a chance.
"Know that men have agreed on this belief,
That women are never alone, without a relieving leaf."

"So, how did you find me all by yourself?"
"I'm surprised too, I didn't expect you, myself.
Are you waiting for someone?" I questioned with a grin,
Referring to the thread she held, my curiosity within.

"You can't believe what I'm about to say,
I'm not a fan of men, I don't seek their way."
"But moments ago, you seemed delighted by my presence,
And now, you say you don't like any man's essence."

I probed, seeking to understand her plight,
She turned away, emotions she chose to hide from sight.
"There's much I want to say about men and my strife,
But I won't let them dictate the course of my life.

Seeing me with you stirred something within,
My sister doesn't want me to associate with men.
She fears their influence might impact my life,
And I'm worried, as there seems no escape from this strife."

Covering her mouth, tears began to fall,
Her pain was evident, her heart entwined in a mysterious thrall.

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