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SIRRINMU Complete Hausa Novel Document by SIRRINMU


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In the depths of the SAMBISA Forest, a vast expanse situated in Borno State, northeast Nigeria, lies an enigmatic realm. Nestled within the southwestern part of the Chad Basin National Park, approximately 60 kilometers southeast of Maiduguri, the forest's mystique unfurls.

The SAMBISA Forest is not merely immense; it towers over the landscape. It is a domain of colossal trees and chasms, cloaked in a darkness beyond comparison. I struggle to convey the depth of this darkness directly, but let me challenge you to imagine what darkness appears when you shut your eyes tight. Now, envision the darkness of SAMBISA Forest as fourfold, an inky void that engulfs all. Within its shadowy depths, lurk creatures so malevolent that one cannot fathom their existence. SAMBISA Forest is a name often heard through various mediums – radio, television, and news outlets, passed down from one generation to the next.

BOKO HARAM, a name synonymous with terror, etched itself into the annals of history. This Islamic extremist group, whose name translates to "Westernization Is Sacrilege," emerged in 2002 under the leadership of Muhammed Yusuf in northeastern Nigeria. Their initial mission was to eradicate corruption and injustice in Nigeria, attributing these issues to Western influences, and to impose Sharīʿah, Islamic law. Tragically, in 2009, security forces ended the lives of Yusuf and several group members. In response, BOKO HARAM swore vengeance.

By 2015, the group pledged allegiance to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), adopting the name Islamic State West African Province (ISWAP), also known as Islamic State in West Africa (ISWA). The following year saw a schism within the group, with one faction retaining the ISWAP name, while the other reverted to the original appellation.

Within this tall forest, ten colossal caves conceal their mysteries. Each cave beckons with a unique passage, and except for the eerie cries of creatures with vibrant hues, there is an uncanny stillness within. One fateful night, as sleep embraced him gently, he heard his name whispered softly. He stirred, his eyes fluttering open, the whites streaked with sleep's residue. In the midst of this awakening, a sharp pain coursed through him.

He lay in silence, his heart heavy with the need to confirm the ethereal voice that had graced his slumber. The silence resonated, almost deafening, until he summoned the courage to utter a protective prayer. He closed his eyes, clutching a large pillow to his chest, striving to block out the persistent call. Yet, the call persisted, as though the caller resided within the confines of his dream.

With a start, he awoke, his eyes darting around the room. There was nothing to be seen. Slowly, the curtain behind his bedroom door swayed open, revealing a striking young woman. Her presence didn't evoke fear, save for her strikingly pale skin and ebony hair that cascaded like a waterfall. What truly captured his attention, however, were her eyes. A piercing shade of blue, like sapphires set against porcelain, they held a mesmerizing depth.

She bestowed upon him a cryptic smile, leaving him wide-eyed in astonishment. If he were in the clutches of a nightmare, he might have dismissed it as such. But this was no dream. Every detail was vivid, everything was real. Her hand extended toward him, her voice cool and deliberate as she said, "Come with me."

He could only stare, his limbs immobilized in disbelief, save for his eyes that darted between her face and her outstretched hand. Her frown deepened, and she began to approach him. Her hand reached out, brushing his feet. In an instant, a powerful tempest surrounded them, and he found himself, not in a dream, but within the confines of a cave, hidden high amidst the towering trees of the SAMBISA Forest.

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Thanks for everything Am so happy for Getting this novel God bless you sis

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