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SANADIN IPHONE 7 Complete Hausa Novel Document by SANADIN IPHONE 7


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Author: Imam Abdullahi Usman Bandirawo ,

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SANADIN IPHONE 7 Complete Document Written By Imam Bandirawo


At 12:02 p.m., the students of Sheak Adam Keta School started heading back to their homes. Among them was my friend, Jamilu, also known as Jboy. We are inseparable friends, sharing the same values and preferences. We both avoid lies and materialistic pursuits.

While chatting, I mentioned the expensive iPhone 7, jokingly calling it a "modern girl." Our conversation continued until we reached the corner near our houses. My mother was busy preparing my lunch, and I cheerfully responded to her as I passed by my room. She had noticed the rice and beans she was cooking for me, but the overall state of our home bothered me. My father's efforts to make money didn't seem sufficient.

I headed out, and as I walked, I overheard my mother's voice calling me, but I playfully ignored her. She called me "Isubu," which means "boy" in a joking manner, but I didn't want to be treated like a child. I responded and continued my way to school.

At school, I encountered our government teacher, Sheak Adam, who often handles the latecomers' gathering at the gate. I showed him my ID card, knowing that he would understand and let me in. We have a good relationship with him, so there was no need to worry about getting into trouble.

As I walked, I saw my friend Smart Sadam calling me. He always lends me his phone when I need to take selfies or when I'm out and want to contact someone. He jokingly refers to me as an "android girl," knowing that I don't have a modern smartphone like his. Poverty prevents my father from buying me one.

Despite these challenges, I continue to cherish my friendship with Jboy and other friends who understand and support me despite my circumstances.

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