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RUMFAR BAYI Complete Hausa Novel Document by RUMFAR BAYI


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In the year 1969, in the emirate of 'Daura' within Katsina state, a significant shift in power occurred. At that time, King 'MUHAMMADU ABDUL-JABBAR UMAR' ascended to the throne following a series of intense battles and conflicts that had unfolded in the preceding years. These conflicts had arisen in the aftermath of the passing of the former king, Abdul-Samadu, leading to a considerable loss of life both within the emirate and in the surrounding towns.

During his reign, King Abdul-Jabbar undertook tremendous efforts to restore peace and harmony within his realm. His commitment to achieving lasting tranquility was evident as he employed various strategies to ensure the well-being of his people.

One notable facet of the emirate was the slave cabin, an establishment widely recognized by neighboring nations and kingdoms. This cabin served as a hub for the lives of countless slaves from the nearby regions. 'RUMFAR BAYI' was a repository of stories and accounts of former slaves. It was a place where these individuals had reclaimed their identity and purpose, transcending the roles assigned to them.

Now, let's delve into the story of a young woman, approximately eighteen years old, who was fleeing as if her very soul were at stake. She navigated her path haphazardly, her mind in disarray. Her body showed the marks of her ordeal; her legs were battered, bloodied, and swollen from the frantic pace she had maintained. Her thoughts revolved around her destination and the pregnancy she carried, a burden she believed she had brought upon herself, even though her life was at stake.

As the late hours of the night settled in, the town lay deserted, devoid of any pedestrians. Desperately, she searched for a hiding place, finally spotting an old door. She hastily closed it and concealed herself behind it.

Listening intently, she could hear them scouring the area, attempting to locate her. She pressed her trembling hand against her mouth to stifle any sound, her body racked with pain from suppressed moans.

Time seemed to stand still for about ten minutes, indicating that the threat had passed. She breathed a sigh of relief, attempting to rise from her knees when a sudden blow struck her shoulder. Startled, she rubbed her reddened eyes and clutched her chest in fear.

"Bless you," a calm voice came from behind her. She quickly spun around to find a woman of around twenty-nine years of age.

"Hello, what are you doing here?" the woman inquired, observing the young woman's silence.

Summoning the strength to speak, the young woman felt a painful pang in her body. A shiver ran through her thighs as she released her closed mouth and looked at the woman. With desperation in her eyes, she said, "Please, help me... For the sake of honor... By God..."

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