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RALIYA Complete Hausa Novel Document by RALIYA


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Author: Shafi'u Dauda Giwa ,

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In 2003, in Kano City, the story of AL-AMARIN unfolded during the last two weeks of the semester at Bayero University. At this time, the university was a hive of activity as students and teachers were engrossed in their academic pursuits, preparing for exams that were fast approaching. The university was filled with students either poring over their books in classrooms or studying quietly in solitude.

However, amidst the academic frenzy, one could find a young woman under a large tree, immersed in her own world. This woman, RALIYA, was around twenty-four years old and had a book in her hands. She seemed to coexist peacefully with the birds that perched nearby, singing in their own language.

Despite the commotion around her, RALIYA remained lost in her thoughts, her eyes fixed on a distant world that only she could see. Her beauty was often the subject of discussion among students. She had a medium height, a graceful figure, and captivating eyes that had a unique charm.

RALIYA's beauty earned her the nickname "Diamond," and she was the center of attention on campus. Her presence attracted both admiration and jealousy from her peers. Some believed she possessed an ethereal quality, likening her to mythical beings.

RALIYA hailed from Kano State and had grown up in a village near Kano city. She was known for her exceptional beauty, which had earned her the title of "miss campus" in the university's beauty competition. Many students were enamored by her, and her admirers could be found everywhere.

While RALIYA's beauty was widely acknowledged, it was also a source of envy among some female students. Nevertheless, RALIYA remained focused on her studies, seemingly indifferent to the attention she garnered.

In summary, the story is set in 2003 at Bayero University in Kano City and revolves around the enigmatic beauty of RALIYA, known as "Diamond" among her peers. Despite her striking beauty, she remains immersed in her studies, attracting both admiration and envy from those around her.

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