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RAHIMA Complete Hausa Novel Document by RAHIMA


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Author: Saliha Abubakar Abdullahi Zaria ,

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RAHIMA Hausa Novel Document by 

Rahima is a love novel written by Saliha Abubakar Abdullahi Zaria that explores the intricacies of love, family, and culture in the Hausa society. The novel is set in Kano, a vibrant city in northern Nigeria, where the sun blazes fiercely, and the people's hearts are full of warmth and hospitality.

Description of RAHIMA Hausa Novel

The story revolves around Rahima, a beautiful and intelligent young woman who is deeply in love with Aliyu, a hardworking and ambitious young man. Despite the obstacles and challenges they face, including disapproving families and societal expectations, Rahima and Aliyu remain steadfast in their love for each other and are determined to make their relationship work.

As the novel progresses, the reader is introduced to the other characters in the story, each with their own unique personality and backstory. There is Hajiya Kaltume, an elderly woman who sells handicrafts in the Yakasai neighborhood, and her son Dr. Haseeb, a successful doctor who is torn between his love for his mother and his desire to pursue his dreams. There is also Zuwaira, Rahima's older sister, who is fiercely protective of her younger sibling and often clashes with their conservative father over Rahima's future.

Throughout the novel, the reader is transported into the world of the Hausa people, their customs, traditions, and way of life. From the bustling markets to the quiet corners of the family home, the novel paints a vivid picture of the vibrant culture of northern Nigeria. The author expertly weaves in Hausa proverbs and idioms into the dialogue, adding depth and authenticity to the story.

One of the central themes of the novel is the tension between tradition and modernity. While the older generation is deeply rooted in their customs and beliefs, the younger generation is eager to embrace change and progress. Rahima and Aliyu's love story is a reflection of this tension, as they must navigate the expectations of their families while staying true to their own desires and aspirations.



Rahima was a young Hausa girl with dreams and aspirations. She lived in Kano, a bustling town in Northern Nigeria, and was the daughter of a successful businessman. Rahima's life was comfortable, but she had always longed for something more.

As a child, she was always fascinated by the love stories her grandmother would tell her. Her grandmother would recount tales of young lovers who defied tradition and societal expectations to be together. Rahima's heart would swell with emotion as she listened, and she knew that one day she too would find her own great love.

Despite her father's wishes for her to marry a wealthy businessman, Rahima had her sights set on a young man named Abdul. He was kind, gentle, and had a passion for writing that she admired. Rahima knew that their love would be forbidden, but she couldn't help the feelings that stirred within her whenever she thought of him.

As Rahima and Abdul's relationship blossomed, they faced countless obstacles and challenges. They were forced to navigate a world that was hostile to their love, and they knew that the consequences of their actions could be severe.

Their story is a tale of love, courage, and perseverance. It is a story that will take you on a journey through the vibrant streets of Kano, and into the hearts of two young people who refused to let society dictate their destiny. This is the story of Rahima, a young woman who dared to dream of a love that transcended tradition, and Abdul, the man who stood by her side no matter the cost.

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