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OGA HABIB Complete Hausa Novel Document by OGA HABIB


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Author: Fadila Sani Bakori ,

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In Abuja City, there stood a small company known as "Sanat Yoghurt." The company's name, "Sanat Yoghurt Company," was written in lowercase letters beneath it, along with its address, "Zone E, Apo, Abuja."

As I gazed at the Sanat Yoghurt Company, a man named Oga Habib approached me, and I turned to see who had called my name. I was a bit late in reacting, but the car he had just exited was parked nearby. Upon closer inspection, I noticed it was a black Corolla S with tinted windows.

Habib and another person were inside the car, with Habib in the driver's seat. In his usual confident tone, he greeted me, saying, "Welcome, Oga Habib."

The car sped away swiftly, taking them on a long journey until they reached Kaduna.

As they traveled, Habib, with his characteristic commanding voice, said to Bilya, the driver, "Bilya, stop!"

Bilya replied, "Oga Habib, are you sure you want to stop here? Finding parking in the city is quite challenging."

Habib responded forcefully, "Bilya, I told you to stop here; I have some questions to attend to."

When Bilya brought the car to a halt, Habib grabbed a piece of paper from the car and rushed off, leaving Bilya somewhat puzzled. Bilya thought to himself that Habib must need to use the restroom urgently and hoped he wouldn't take long.

However, when Habib returned, his expression was one of shock. Bilya opened the car door for Habib, wondering what had startled him.

Habib, agitated, exclaimed, "Bilya, I saw a dead body back there!"

Bilya, his voice trembling with fear, replied, "Oga Habib, are we going to involve ourselves with a corpse?"

Habib shouted, "Look for yourself; it's right there!"

Bilya reluctantly stepped out of the car, hesitant to face a potential crime scene. He saw no body, though, and returned to the car, shaking his head.

Habib exited the car as well and gestured for Bilya to follow him. Bilya obeyed, and Habib pointed out the lifeless body of a woman. Bilya was stunned and inquired, "Oga Habib, what do we do now?"

Habib, in distress, muttered, "We must take her."

Bilya was apprehensive, fearing the consequences. Habib, who had also sensed Bilya's reluctance, remarked sternly, "You're of no use if you hesitate, Bilya."

This wasn't the first time Bilya had heard such words from Habib. With a sense of duty, Bilya approached the unconscious woman. Surprisingly, he detected faint signs of life, which led him to return to Habib with the news.

Bilya respectfully said, "Oga Habib, she's not dead; she's still breathing."

Habib examined Bilya for a moment, then reluctantly ordered, "Hurry, bring her into the car. Let's go."

Bilya followed Habib's command and gently placed the woman in the back seat.

Upon their arrival in Kano, Oga Habib received a warm welcome. Habib instructed Bilya, "Park the car, Bilya."

Following Habib's orders, Bilya parked the car. Their journey had been eventful, and Habib had much to discuss.

At a private hospital, Habib directed Bilya, "Go to this hospital, Bilya, and admit her."

Although hesitant, Bilya understood that this was part of his job. He picked up the unconscious woman and rushed into the hospital.

Inside the hospital, Bilya approached a doctor and implored, "Doctor, this is Oga Habib's request. Please provide her with the best care and treatment. I'll be back shortly."

The doctor, somewhat surprised, responded, "You brought her here, but you need to stay and provide necessary information. People often leave and never return."

Bilya reassured the doctor, saying, "Don't worry; I will return. I promise."

He left his contact information with the doctor and left the hospital.

Returning to the car, Bilya met Habib, who didn't inquire about the woman's condition. Instead, Habib seemed lost in thought.

Their journey continued, but Bilya couldn't help but wonder about the mysterious woman they had encountered.

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