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NANNY MAI RENO Complete Hausa Novel Document by NANNY MAI RENO


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It was around 9:30 PM on a Saturday night when Alhaji Tahir Mansur Da'n Batta left his office, driven by his driver Garzali in his black Bugatti car. As he arrived at his luxurious home, his children Basma and Bassam, along with their mother, welcomed him. The children, two beautiful youngsters who appeared to be twins, greeted their father with smiles and excitement. They wore simple, comfortable clothes, and their dimples adorned their cheeks as they welcomed their daddy.

Alhaji Tahir Mansur Da'n Batta, a tall and handsome man with a well-built physique and striking Moroccan-like features, thanked his children for their warm welcome. He had a distinguished presence and beautiful eyes that held some secrets. He was a senior manager at *IBRAHIM KWATANO AND SONS LIMITED*, the eldest son of the Dambatta Chief, and the husband of *FARIDA IBRAHIM KWATANO*. He was a patient, kind, and charming man, a source of pride for his family and hometown.

Basma, one of his children, asked about their mother, Mami, and Tahir explained that he had spoken to her on the phone, and she wouldn't be back today. Basma was disappointed, and Tahir consoled her.

The family entered the beautiful living room, where Naila, another child, was waiting. She was taller and thinner than the others, with a long face and a neutral appearance. Naila welcomed her father in her soft, childlike voice. However, Naila was crying, and Tahir was concerned. Bassam, another child, asked about food, and when they confirmed that Naila was hungry, Bassam instructed her to go to bed until morning.

As Tahir held Naila, comforting her, the family settled in for the night in their luxurious home, while the mystery of Naila's tears lingered in the air.

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