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NAMIJIN GASKE Complete Hausa Novel Document by NAMIJIN GASKE


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Author: Salma Ali Wada ,Maryam Yar Mama ,

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NAMIJIN GASKE Complete Document Written By Salma Ali Wada, Maryam Yar Mama


Adams lounged in the opulent living room, adorned in modern luxury attire. His affluence and striking looks made him stand out, a first-class individual exclusively associated with His Excellency Ahmad Lawal, whose mother hailed from the Shuwah family, while his father was a reserved man. Adams, being the sole heir, pursued his education in Indonesia, focusing on business studies and cultivating a particular fondness for a specific type of woman – one who is assertive, enjoys cooking, and harbors no love for materialistic pursuits.

Describing Adams as first-class handsome, tall, and with a broad chest, he emanated a sense of complexity. Despite his serious demeanor, he sported a charming smile, complemented by a long nose, a slightly small but keen gaze, and a pink mouth. Unfazed by insults, Adams considered himself a real man, proudly displaying the emblem *REAL MAN* on his cars and in his entourage.

Having a wealthy and influential background, Adams utilized his financial and governmental power to assert his dominance. His father, Shalelen, concluded his studies with a unique twist – he married three women on the same day.

In a moment of anger, Adams addressed the women in the living room, laying down his rules. He demanded cleanliness, offered financial incentives for those willing to start businesses, prohibited noisy gatherings, and established strict protocols for leaving the premises. Adams expressed his aversion to participating in burnt offerings and insisted on providing serious training for those in his employ.

The introduction of the staff followed, including a chocolate-colored girl named Umar Abba, a business-oriented individual, and Nafisa, a Fulani woman with a degree who desired companionship with Adams. A beautiful barrister named Suhailat also caught Adams' attention, to whom he bid farewell.

As Adams continued, a first-grader, Suhaila, nonchalantly ignored his presence and focused on her phone. This provoked Adams to raise his voice, but Suhaila calmly introduced herself as a widow who had studied law in Turkey. She emphasized her commitment to her job, suggested an early agreement to avoid conflicts, and asserted her loyalty to following Adams' rules. However, her words were met with an abrupt and disrespectful act – a series of three slaps.

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