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MUTUNCI KO SO Complete Hausa Novel Document by MUTUNCI KO SO


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Added On: 10, Oct 2023

Author: Yusuf Abdullahi A Jibaga ,

Ebook Compiler : Shuraihu Usman

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Category: Action Novels

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but my family is the one who pressured me
I promise it will come to pass, if not
they will curse me, I am telling the truth,
If it's not, I will cut my throat for you, for me,
and for the whole family. I hope you believe me,
do you want me to die of fear, I am so happy
be your wife, I can't wait for you to be my husband
and the wedding and you are standing in front of me, to
exchange of vows and a kiss on the cheeks, do you know how much
I want to get married, I can't be
wait for the happiness of our lives to start,
oh my Yusuf, I love you, I love you, I love you
well, you are in the middle of me, you
to have to believe me, otherwise it's over
I don't think I can wait anymore
for my mother's sake."
When Safina finished her speech, I didn't know
say anything, I didn't have the strength
to answer, my head was whirling with thoughts
talking and speeches, but I believe she
really believed her family, she didn't mean
it for me, maybe if we find a way
marriage date, the pressure and threats from my family
with Safina, but until then
Can I bear my longing for my other half?
In our conversation, Safina looked at me, that's it
If I don't say something, I can't even do that
anything that would make her happy, I agreed
in, and I went, she got up and said to me
that you have called me for something, then what do
your intention, you are in
wait for me and get married soon
right? Oh my love.
I said to her, "Sure, Safina, and that's what I'm planning.
I wish I could change the world for the better
The sake of your happiness."

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