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MUSAYAR RUHI Book 1 Complete Hausa Novel Document by MUSAYAR RUHI Book 1


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Author: Npeedy A Aji ,

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️MUSAYAR RUHI Book 1 Complete Document Written By Npeedy A Aji


In a makeup parlor, a lovely 23-year-old woman sits surrounded by friends, all captivated by her efforts to enhance her beauty. The anticipation is high as her wedding is just two days away. Engrossed in party preparations, the excitement is palpable, but there's a twist – she is not familiar with the groom or the country he comes from.

"Oh, my dear, our wedding is just around the corner, yet you remain unaware of the truth. I fear my love for you. You are my brother, albeit a distant one. In the anonymity, you find solace. I'm embarrassed before my friends. Is it a 'yes'?" she anxiously confesses.

On the other end, he responds with a heavy heart, "I apologize, my beloved. I may not understand the intricacies of my work, but I'm returning to Nigeria. Face the reality that Hammat is en route to your abode. Understand him. I am abandoning this marriage, please compose yourself before our union. I shall come to Nigeria, seeking God's grace to rebuild trust. I love you dearly, my beloved, please don't forget me."

Her response is a gentle smile, "Oh, my dearest, how could I bid farewell? Listen to this tale; I am with you."

Subsequently, they engage in a heartfelt conversation, their love evidently mutual. A friend remarks, "Hamidat, your love story is truly inspiring. May God bless us with a love as fervent as Hamut's for you." Hamidat beams and replies, "Amen, why not? I take pride in Hamut; his love has conquered all."

As congratulations are exchanged, a young woman approaches, addressing Hamidat, "Aunty Momcy, I've been searching for you." Fadila leads her to a maid in the parlor, and Hamidat introduces, "Mommy, see." Momcy, smiling, mentions, "Oh, you have many parents. Hajiya Shahuda is looking for you."

As they discuss, Fadila turns to Hamidat, concerned, "Mother, please assure me you won't neglect the prescribed medication or ignore men's behavior. They fall in love from day one. Finding a man like him is rare, and you're fortunate. You're going to be a princess; he's the throne's head. They're powerful; you must take the prescribed medicine before tomorrow."

In the grand kingdom, generosity and respect coexist with a strict sense of justice. King Jabir, the head of the town, has a vast kingdom under him. The story unveils the complex relationships within the royal family, especially the twins Hamut and Hammat, who hold crucial positions. Twenty years before Ansar's birth, King Jabir's complicated marital history adds layers to the unfolding narrative.

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