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MATSALARMU A YAU Book 1 Complete Hausa Novel Document by MATSALARMU A YAU Book 1


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Author: Binta Umar Abbale ,

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MATSALARMU A YAU Book 1 Complete Document Written By Binta Umar Abbale


She gently pushed the wheelchair, guiding him through the doorway as tears welled up in her eyes. With a mixture of care and sympathy, he spoke bravely to Suraya, "Stop crying, Suraya. Even though it's evening, I'll go out. God willing, I'll buy you school books. I see your concern, and I want to make it right."

Wiping away her tears, Suraya apologized, expressing sorrow for her father's health. She suggested he return home and rest, but he shook his head, insisting that since he had stepped outside, he wouldn't turn back. Suraya understood his determination and offered to push him to the roadside, but he declined, worried about the judgment they might face.

Suraya, hopeful, said, "One day, you'll let me push you." He smiled but shook his head. Aware that their appearance might be misconstrued as begging, he was resolute in his decision not to seek alms. Despite the challenges he faced as a disabled individual, he refused to succumb to societal expectations.

As they continued their conversation, she calmly pushed the wheelchair, and he responded with a smile. Suddenly, a young man blocked their way, irritating Suraya. The man, Shahid, greeted them and hinted at Suraya's prolonged stay. However, her father, Malam Habu, remained unimpressed, understanding that such inquiries should pertain to his daughter's marriage.

Shahid, seemingly smitten with Suraya, attempted to engage her in conversation. However, when he fell in front of her, she swiftly pushed the wheelchair away, leaving him standing. Undeterred, Shahid smiled, attributing his affection for Suraya to divine intervention.

As the night fell, they approached the house, where the owner fixed the chair for Malam Habu. Dressed in casual attire, he emerged, acknowledging them with a nod. Malam Habu handed a book to Suraya, who accepted it with joy. Despite her exertion, she continued pushing the wheelchair.

With a hint of laughter, Mr. Habu inquired about their evening plans. Malam Habu mentioned his recent days spent by the roadside, prompting concern from Nuraddin, a friend. Nuraddin advised him to rest, but Malam Habu, grateful for the concern, thanked him and decided to head home.

As they walked back, Salo-Salo followed, captivated by the scene. She was engrossed in a book, walking beside them, seemingly lost in her thoughts.

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