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MATATACE Complete Hausa Novel Document by MATATACE


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MATATACE Complete Document Written By MemartJJ


From the top of the staircase, she played, but then tumbled and landed on the tiled floor below. Her head barely missed the metal edge of the stairs, but she turned just in time for her mouth to meet the corner of the bottom step. Despite the pain, Ummeeta quickly got up, her mouth bleeding, tears welling in her eyes. "Aunty Suhymah, please forgive me. I won't say more, I beg you. I repent. I won't do it again," she sobbed.

Stumbling down the stairs, she took deep breaths as she reached the socket and unplugged a thick charging phone, leaving Ummeeta even more stunned. Tears still streaming down her face, she murmured, "Today I realize how cruel you are. I didn't even touch you. I always remind you of your place in this house."

She raised the whip and rang the doorbell, heaving a sigh of relief as she took the call. Approaching the door, she found a figure wrapped in a white scarf, visibly pleased to be at the house. Suhymah also welcomed her with evident delight, "Oyoyo yer halas, but today, I see you're happy. You're glowing. Are you...?"

Her cheer vanished upon witnessing the distress in the visitor's eyes. Only the blood and sinews of the girl evoked pity in Suhymah's heart. Dismissing the tormented Ummeeta, she softened her voice and gestured for Mainat to follow, muttering, "May God send her a helper."

Ummeeta disappeared, and the two women entered the living room. Hurriedly, Suhymah moved towards a small corridor leading to the kitchen, then sprinted to the backyard.

Mainat regarded Suhymah with a heavy heart, "Sis, what's going on? What's troubling you so much? When will you stop mistreating this girl? I don't care if she smiles."

"Please, sis, have a seat. Let's talk. Rest your feet," Suhymah suggested, settling herself on one of the chairs. She grasped a pillow, crossed her legs, and looked at Mainat with a trembling gaze. "Hmm, I'm sorry for not understanding, but you need to know, this is my home, my husband's home. I'll do as I please, and what I'm doing is for the good of the household," she asserted, her brow furrowed.

"Let's be realistic. The future is ahead, the past is history, and what you saw today is nothing compared to what happens every day," Suhymah added firmly, her voice tinged with heat.

"Sist, what nonsense are you saying? Ummeeta is just a girl, barely 13. How long will you continue treating her this way? She's a human being, too..." Mainat interjected, her voice breaking.

"No! Never. Ummeeta is not like everyone else. There are different types of people in this world, and she belongs to the most downtrodden. Even without ancestry or fortune, Ummeeta will never be akin to Niba, never in this life," Suhymah retorted sharply.

"Why can't she? Don't forget..." Mainat started, but was quickly silenced.

"God bless you. I think you've forgotten my position," Suhymah chuckled softly. "Niece, I am married to a man with two companies, holding substantial shares in a well-known company in the USA. We have farmhouses and other properties. My father's lineage takes pride in him, and let's not forget my mother, a professor, and my aunt, a managing director in one of my husband's companies. And then there's this... this rascal..." Suhymah continued with an air of superiority.

"That's enough. I see your mind is always fixed on the future. Let me remind you of something. Have you forgotten the One who created us? The One who turns day into night, who changes things, turning the poor into the wealthy and the wealthy into the poor if He wills it. When did you forget all this wealth?" Mainat challenged, her gaze steady.

Suhymah responded with disdain, "Nice explanation. Are you implying that you don't know my religion? Thanks, but you should understand that people like Ummeeta grow up as slaves and grow old as slaves. They return to their village to marry, then come back to serve. Do you know why? It's because of people's greed and heartlessness like yours. You may not understand, but they are here in your house. They're old but still work for you. Look around and see them."

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