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MAIMOON Complete Hausa Novel Document by MAIMOON


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Where should I begin? Should I introduce you to Ibrahim first, or should I start by sharing a bit of my own history?

I am Maimuna Muhammad Dikko, born and raised in Abuja, Nigeria. My father, Alhaji Muhammad Dikko, hails from 'Yalleman town in Jigawa state. 'Yalleman is a picturesque Fulani town blessed with prosperity, which has led its people to establish themselves not only in Nigeria but also in cities like Lagos and Port Harcourt, mainly due to their involvement in currency exchange.

My father, however, chose a different path, deviating from the family's agricultural tradition to become a scholar. He began his education in 'Yalleman, but his exceptional talents caught the attention of the headmaster, who urged his father, Alhaji Lawan Dikko, to send him abroad.

With the blessings of our generous grandfather, who had amassed substantial wealth, my father was sent to Lagos with the help of relatives residing there. From Lagos, he obtained a visa to England and enrolled in Gifted International College, where he commenced his secondary education. Every year, during breaks, he would return to Nigeria to visit our family, and each time he went back to England, our father would generously provide him with the necessary funds for his registration and daily needs.

My mother, Hajiya Adama, also played a crucial role. She tirelessly worked to sell her cattle secretly, unbeknownst to her husband, to collect money to support my father's education.

My father's educational journey continued as he completed his secondary education and secured a scholarship to study business administration at Oxford University. He pursued this path to eventually return home and assist his father in the family's business endeavors. At that point, he made it clear that there was no need for the family to worry about tuition fees, thanks to his scholarship. Still, Alhaji Lawan continued to send him money to cover his expenses.

Upon completing his undergraduate studies, my father aimed to realize his dream of taking over the family business. However, a dispute within the family, fueled by his mother's rival, Hajja, complicated matters. Hajja argued that my father had no claim to the family's assets, asserting that the funds spent on his education did not entitle him to a share. She contended that his pursuit of further education instead of joining the family business was unacceptable.

Faced with this turmoil, my father returned to England, where he completed his master's and Ph.D. studies. Subsequently, he embarked on a career in academia, teaching at Oxford for five years and ultimately earning a professorship.

Nonetheless, his parents insisted he return to Nigeria and lead a life more aligned with the family's expectations. Given his background in business education and experience in international dealings, my father took on the role of ambassador for Nigeria. His first assignment was in neighboring Niger.

That's a summary of my background.

Now, let me share a bit about my mother, Hajiya Fatima, affectionately known as Bintou. She originally hails from Buzu, a town in Niger. Sadly, her father passed away when she was still a child, leaving her with limited opportunities. Her mother, Maimoon, took on the responsibility of caring for her and ensuring she received an education.

At one point, they considered sending my mother to Nigeria for her studies. However, the lack of infrastructure and resources made this plan unfeasible. Fate intervened when my father, as the Nigerian ambassador to Niger, encountered my mother. He was initially drawn to her due to her passion for reading, and their connection eventually blossomed into a profound love story, despite the significant age difference.

During this period, my grandmother, Haj. Adama, played a pivotal role in encouraging their relationship, setting the stage for their eventual union.

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