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MAI SONA Complete Hausa Novel Document by MAI SONA


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Author: Reefat Yahaya ,

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She sat there, gazing at the bright moon illuminating the night sky. She observed the stars and the gentle breeze rustling the leaves in the distance. But her heart ached for the absence of her beloved, who was far away. She murmured, "Oh God, is my beloved *my lover* still alive? If he is, he must be married, living with his wife, and has forgotten about me." Just as these thoughts weighed on her, a touch on her shoulder startled her, and she turned to see an elderly woman.

The elderly woman could see her distress and urged her to stop crying, not wanting to taint their shared memories with sorrow. The young woman's worries momentarily faded away.

Come morning, she rose from her slumber, tidied up their home, and performed her ablutions. Afterward, she entered the living area where her father and the elderly woman were sitting on the floor. Her father inquired about her well-being, "Abba, I'm fine, and school is going well, thanks be to God." Her father responded with a prayer for her success, saying, "Ameen, may God assist you."

She then retreated to her room to select a lovely outfit and apply some perfume. As she emerged, she couldn't help but admire her own beauty—a tall figure with a shapely body, a long nose, a small mouth, long eyelashes, and a dimple that enhanced her overall allure.

Donning her hijab, she rejoined her father and the elderly woman, passing by them as they engaged in conversation. Entering the kitchen, she encountered a woman holding a teapot who greeted her with gratitude, "Alhamdulillah." The woman then headed into the living room to join the others.

Just as they began to converse, a young woman emerged from the bedroom holding a cup of water and some toothpaste. She muttered, "I'm going to bed, Aunt Maryam," but received no response. She continued on to the bathroom to brush her teeth, still in her hijab.

The conversation shifted, and her father urged her not to waste her time studying, suggesting that the money spent on her education could be put to better use elsewhere. The young woman, named Ruhaimat, lowered her head and listened attentively.

When Maryam spoke up, Ruhaimat felt compelled to defend her, saying, "Apart from our village, no one knows how to speak or brush their teeth properly." Frustrated, Maryam retorted, "Ya'ir, for God's sake, I've repeatedly asked you to stop arguing with her, but you never listen. Fear God and change your behavior."

Turning to her father, Ya'ir, Ruhaimat exclaimed, "Wait, Alhaji, I'm not afraid of her. I was searching for my phone in the dark. I was startled by the conversation, and that's why I called my mother's name. It was an accident." Her father smiled and said, "God bless you, Halima. Come, Abba, let's have a meal." Halima rose and followed her father, while Umma and Maryam trailed behind.

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