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MAI CIKI CE Complete Hausa Novel Document by MAI CIKI CE


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Author: Khadija Kanwar Soja ,

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MAI CIKI CE Complete Document Written By Khadija Kanwar Soja


****BORNO ****

She sprinted through the darkness, propelled by the howling wind that rustled the trees and caused the leaves to tremble. Clad in Pakistani pants and a generously oversized shirt, she bore the mark of 'bo'boli,' her shirt extending to her knees. Despite her frail frame, her hair remained untangled as she ran, a sense of urgency consuming her. She pressed on, casting occasional glances over her shoulder, even in her ailing condition.

Her moans mingled with the metallic sound as she collided with the dusty road ahead. Stumbling, her eyes shut tight, she found herself meeting the harsh surface of a rock. A sharp twist of her leg echoed, prompting her to embrace her father's name and exclaim "Inallillahi wa inna iallhin raji'oun." Tears streamed down her cheeks as rain poured down, drenching the trees, and she raised her head to the sky, feeling each raindrop on her body.

**************** KANO **************

"Doooooom!" he called out, "subhanallahi subhanallahi subhanallahi! There's a gun attack, HABLAT!" The one known as HABLAT swiftly lit up her cellphone, receiving the alarming message that an attack was imminent. "Daddy Majhat said they're coming with guns," he informed her. "May God protect us," she responded. This is how a person awakens from sleep in the dead of night, ready to face an unexpected threat.

Startled, she laughed, infuriating him. He tossed the blanket at her and warned, "If the demons awaken, I'm leaving the room." In his heart, he opened the door, allowing the metallic sound to dissipate. Five minutes later, she began tossing and turning on the bed.

"Oh, HABLAT, I'm asleep while everyone else is asleep," she remarked, checking her phone clock, which read two minutes past ten. Descending slowly, she turned on the room light, kicked off her slippers, and headed to the bathroom.

Her room, adorned with a bed, a beautiful wardrobe, mirror, and a desk, reflected her taste. Her jewelry adorned a lovely album. Her small mouth and eyes, matching her O-shaped face, had attracted the attention of a guy in a navy army uniform, causing a rivalry for her affections.

Opening the house door cautiously, she found him sleeping on his back. Approaching him gently, she ruffled his hair, gazing into his eyes. Suddenly, she burst into tears, prompting him to ask, "First you followed me, now you're laughing, and now you're crying. What happened, HABLAT?"

She replied, "Abban Majhat, I swear I'm hungry and can't sleep. You're a bit silly, lying on my back." Annoyed, he said, "Stop that, HABLAT. Your mind has been restless since you woke up. Now, I have something to tell you." She asked, "Why do I love you, Abban Majhat? Love me tenderly, please, God, I've been waiting for someone like you. I am a bride, do you understand?" They proceeded to cook, with him cutting eggs, potatoes, and onions, while she kindled the fire.

"Ohhh, Nigeria, the electricity has not been restored since morning. Now, the heat will rise, as if waiting for mosquitoes to disturb people." Unfazed, she saw him entering and exclaimed, "Awww, Abban Majhat, you're finally done waiting, my soldier!" He responded, "What's the light of Nokia's arrow?" As he placed the frying pan on the cylinder, she noticed a sudden change. The owner declared, "Inallillahi wa inna iallhin Raji'oun. The gas is over." HABLAT wondered if Hafeez's prophecy had come true.

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