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MACIJINE SHI Complete Hausa Novel Document by MACIJINE SHI


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I noticed a striking young girl dressed in traditional Fulani attire, her dress and waistcloth modestly covered her body, leaving her beauty to the imagination. She possessed radiant yellow skin, a slender face with a delicate nose, and small lips. Her large, sleepy-looking eyes were accentuated by thin, long lashes and finely shaped eyebrows. A few loose hairs adorned her forehead, giving her a youthful charm.

Despite her slender frame, she appeared tall and well-shaped, exhibiting signs of burgeoning maturity, particularly in her developing curves. Though no more than 15 or 16 years old, she bore the grace and beauty of a fully grown woman, resonating with the elegance of her Fulani heritage.

In the distance, she gracefully raised her arms, seemingly engaged in herding cattle amidst the picturesque landscape. As she guided the herd, her attentive gaze shifted towards the town, observing the impending threat of rain. Urging the cattle to hasten their pace, she spoke to them in the Fulani language, her voice laced with authority and care. They obediently followed her lead, and she beamed with satisfaction, her walking stick poised in the air.

They trod the red road, the girl's spirited singing piercing the air. Within minutes, their huts came into view, and a subtle shift in her countenance revealed concern replacing her former joy. A chill seemed to settle over her, prompting her to hasten her steps, her dress swaying as she entered her modest abode.

As the rain started to pour, she secured the cattle and hurried indoors, greeted by an empty courtyard. Just as she was about to enter a hut, a middle-aged woman suddenly appeared, causing her to drop her walking stick. The woman's rugged appearance and aggressive stance indicated a formidable presence, striking fear in the young girl.

The altercation between the two ensued, with the woman berating the girl for neglecting her duties. Despite the girl's trembling apologies, the woman lashed out, delivering a brutal slap that sent the girl reeling. Agonizing in pain, she cradled her injured hand, while the woman continued her verbal assault, spewing hateful words and threats.

Disheartened, the girl collected her belongings and left, weeping bitterly as she traversed the rugged terrain. As she approached the stream, still overcome with emotion, she hastily fetched water, her actions reflecting her distress and inner turmoil. However, an unexpected encounter with a large snake brought about a new wave of terror, causing her to drop her container and flee in fear.

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