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KYAUTAR ALLAH Complete Hausa Novel Document by KYAUTAR ALLAH


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In the town of Katsina Safana, government buildings stood tall, while in a small village, traditional houses and huts dotted the landscape. Among these buildings, one particular house stood out. It was a grand brick structure that gave the impression of a city mansion. The house was solidly built, so much so that it would be hard to believe it was in a rural village. On its gate, the words "SAFANA HOUSE" were inscribed in gold lettering.

Entering the house, the young man noticed people dressed in military uniforms guarding the entrance. The compound was adorned with five luxurious cars, all worth millions.

On the ground floor of the house, an elderly woman sat in a plush chair. Despite her age, she retained an air of elegance. Her hair was graying, but it did nothing to diminish her beauty. Her grandson, Muhammad Raslan, affectionately addressed her, urging her to grow new hair, even though she appeared far from old.

Next to her, a beautiful young girl lay on her lap, her eyes closed in deep thought, longing for her father who had been absent for a year. She sucked her fingers for comfort. The girl wore a peach-colored outfit that matched her dark chocolate skin tone, making her look radiant. She couldn't have been more than twelve years old.

The living room was beautifully furnished, with meticulously arranged chairs that added to the opulence of the space. Despite its rural location, this house exuded an air of luxury and prestige. Ornate fans adorned the walls, adding to the elegance.

Yet, what truly caught the young man's eye were the pictures that adorned the living room. One picture featured a young man with striking white attire, his perfection and beauty apparent. Another depicted a young girl with rich chocolate skin, equally captivating. The two of them were captured in various poses, laughing and enjoying each other's company. In some, the girl was much younger, even a baby, and in one particularly touching image, she lay on the young man's chest, her finger in her mouth. The words "GOD'S GIFT" were written in gold letters on this particular picture. She wore a lace dress in that image.

As the young man looked around the room, he couldn't help but admire the beauty of the pictures and the people they depicted. He felt a sense of enchantment, almost as if he were witnessing a love story unfold before his eyes.

Outside the house, a fire had broken out in the village, and Hajiya Aisha was at the center of it all, her brothers rallying around her. Among these siblings was Alhaji Umar Safana.

In this world, God had blessed Aisha and Jibril with four children, all born in Katsina Safana. They were true Fulani, known for their cattle-raising skills. Jibril and Shatu's marriage was arranged when Jibril was fifteen and Shatu was just seven. At the time, neither of them could have known where life would take them. The Fulani people valued their cattle as their wealth, and Jibril's father and Shatu's mother were cousins, which led to their union.

Jibril and Shatu's union resulted in four children, three boys, and finally, a daughter. They celebrated the birth of their daughter with great joy, as Shatu had gone through hardships to ensure her daughter's arrival. They named her "GOD'S GIFT."

Despite living in a rural village, Jibril ensured that his children received a good education, as they would later attend school in the city. Their three sons, Harun, Musa, and Umar, showed exceptional talents. Harun excelled in business, Musa in accounting, and Shikam Musa in politics.

GOD'S GIFT, also known as Auta Rukayyah, was equally brilliant in her studies. She possessed a remarkable beauty that turned heads. Despite facing the challenges of early marriage, she stood strong. Men were attracted to her from a young age, but she remained steadfast.

As the family thrived, Alhaji Umar Safana rose to great wealth and fame, becoming a renowned businessman not only in Nigeria but also in Niger and Ghana.

Alhaji Harun got married and had a son named Jibril. Musa Kamtini became the governor of Kaduna, a position of high esteem. He had two wives, one of whom gave birth to three sons while the other faced challenges in bearing children.

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