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KOWACCE KWARYA Complete Hausa Novel Document by KOWACCE KWARYA


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Author: Yusrah Musa Abubakar ,

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KOWACCE KWARYA Complete Document Written By Yusrah Musa Abubakar


The parking lot in the vast hall of their house is cramped, and a uniformed man quickly opens the car door, welcoming the arrival. He walks with grace towards the palace door, holding his suit, but to his surprise, everyone seems engrossed in their phones and pays no attention.

To grab their attention, he changes his tone, prompting everyone to turn around and focus on him. A mixture of fear and surprise fills the room, with everyone bewildered and shocked.

Afifah rolls her eyes at the reactions, seemingly used to such dramatic entrances. She greets them with a casual "How are you?" in a nonchalant manner, creating a sense of confusion.

Ignoring the perplexed looks, she heads to the living room, making her way to the stairs, urging everyone to regain composure. The scene unfolds comically as she runs away, teasing them.

Daddy's arrival brings a change in the atmosphere, as he senses something amiss from the worried expressions of his children. Holding the little one's hand, he inquires about the situation, only to be informed that "he" is back.

In excitement, Daddy assumes it's his son Aliyu Haidar returning home. The children, trying to avoid responsibility, remain silent until Daddy instructs Elham to go and call him.

Elham, overwhelmed with emotions, addresses Daddy, expressing their hesitation to face Aliyu. Daddy, unfazed, encourages her to stop crying and fetch him.

As Elham walks towards Aliyu's room, planning her entrance, she finds him not in the living room. Knocking on his bedroom door, she receives no response. Upon entering, she sees him lying on the bed, and their interaction unfolds with a mix of teasing and playfulness.

Daddy, amused by the situation, looks back and smiles before directing Elham to call Aliyu. The atmosphere shifts from confusion to joy as they realize Aliyu's return.

Elham's attempt to fetch Aliyu takes a playful turn, with Aliyu joining in the banter. The family dynamics and the humorous interactions showcase the reunion and the joyous atmosphere in the household.

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