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KOMI YAYI FARKO Complete Hausa Novel Document by KOMI YAYI FARKO


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KOMI YAYI FARKO Complete Document Written By Fatima S Ibraheem


In the journey of life, one's circumstances can change unpredictably. Today, you may be in a favorable position, but tomorrow, you could find yourself facing challenges. Life is dynamic, and comfort is not guaranteed.

I found true happiness in my life when my father sponsored my pilgrimage to Hajj. However, it's disheartening that some people mock us during disagreements simply because our parents have undertaken this sacred journey. My two older brothers, Aliyu, affectionately known as Alhaji, and Sadiq, are an integral part of my life. Witnessing their struggles pains me deeply.

Alhaji once shared with me a transformative experience that instilled confidence in him. Through divine intervention, he gained the means to fulfill a request, and as a result, he wished for Falke's wife to give birth to a donkey. Oddly specific, yet it brought him joy.

What excites me about their pilgrimage is the anticipation of receiving gifts—clothes, watches, and various items that add a touch of amusement to my otherwise mundane existence. Their journey seems to fulfill not only personal desires but also aids in meeting the needs of those in their service.

As I grew older, I joined discussions with my brothers, Ali and Sadiq, along with Aunties Farhan and Ihsan. Gathered in the living room with our father, his words carried weight and wisdom. He emphasized the importance of taking responsibility for our actions, regardless of the consequences.

"I sense a change in you, my son," remarked my brother. Our father acknowledged this transformation, blessing him and encouraging continued growth.

In a moment of reflection, our father addressed Auntie Farhan, acknowledging her strength and asserting her control over her own mind. He reminded her that despite the challenges and criticisms, she should stay true to herself. Auntie Farhan pledged to heed this advice, expressing her determination to do her best.

Our father, recognizing the need for stability, suggested finding an aunt to care for Auntie Farhan. This proposal was met with approval, and plans were set in motion for the upcoming year. As discussions continued, practical matters were attended to, such as meals and errands, emphasizing the family's interconnectedness.

In the end, my brother Aliyu prepared to leave, tasked with retrieving something from the car. A light-hearted exchange occurred about the location of the car key, bringing a moment of levity to the serious discussions.

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