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KARO DAYA Complete Hausa Novel Document by KARO DAYA


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Author: Fatima Rabiu Ummu Affan ,

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They all sat together in their small living room, enjoying lunch. Their mother, Malama Rabi, known as Umma, was there, along with their elder brother, Ma'aruf, who had been away for a while. The younger brother, Muwaddat Zulfa'u, and the youngest, Dawud, completed the family gathering.

One glance at Muwaddat's face would reveal that she needed to eat her meal, but her mind was elsewhere. She was lost in thoughts of her beloved, Sadik, who had called her to meet him. Her intense love for him made everything else seem less important.

She turned to Umma and said, "Umma, I almost forgot. Salma told me her mother will be out today. I promised to help her with her homework because it's a lot for her." Knowing how close Muwaddat and Salma were, Umma replied, "Alright, but don't stay out too late. You know how your father reacts when he comes home and you're not here." Muwaddat happily agreed, "I won't be long, InshaAllah."

She swiftly got up and put on her hijab before heading out. Yaya Ma'aruf had been observing her closely and asked suspiciously, "Why all this excitement about going to Salma's house?"

Aware that Yaya Ma'aruf's interference could jeopardize her plan, Muwaddat quickly devised a cover story. "I know she's expecting me," she replied.

She hurried out, with Yaya Ma'aruf still puzzled by her behavior. He felt something was amiss, and her recent actions were not like her at all.

Muwaddat walked briskly through the gate, and Yaya Sadik joined her. She greeted Maigadi, asking, "Is Salma home?" He confirmed, "Yes, she is."

As she rushed inside, her legs trembling from the haste, Muwaddat passed by Sadik, who had been sitting in the parlor. He was wearing a boxer and a singlet, sipping from a cup of coffee on the center table.

Hearing the door open, he looked up. His eyes were strikingly beautiful and bright, though they always seemed to carry a sleepy expression. There was a smile on Muwaddat's face, but it didn't reach her eyes. Worried, she quickly finished her greetings and sat next to him. "Yaya Sadik, what's wrong?" she asked.

He remained silent, and she became increasingly concerned. She took hold of his hands and implored, "Please, my brother, why didn't I come when you called? Yaya Ma'aruf is at home, and his behavior is unbearable."

He withdrew his hands from hers and replied, "So what if that fool is at home? Your brother should be healthy enough to answer my call promptly." Recalling the day when Yaya Ma'aruf had intercepted Sadik's call, Muwaddat felt apologetic. "I'm truly sorry, dear. It won't happen again," she said softly.

He nodded and said, "Alright, that's fine. But I don't want you to mention him when we're together."

Yaya Sadik was at the home of his friend Salma, who had been their friend since childhood. She seemed to approve of Sadik's love for Muwaddat, despite the significant age difference. She, too, had grown to love him, as she wasn't used to him being around before. Although Sadik was drinking, it was a common occurrence at Muwaddat's place, given the depth of their love.

They conversed in the parlor before he led her to his bedroom, where they became so engrossed in each other that they forgot everything and everyone else. Unbeknownst to them, their actions were being watched by the heavens above. They had gone too far, as he had already removed her hijab in the parlor. His hands unzipped her shirt, revealing her chest, driving her further into a frenzy. His hand reached for her pants, but she quickly placed her hand over his and shook her head.

In a strange tone, he asked, "Muwaddat, why is this happening?" She replied, "I don't know why this keeps happening every day, Yaya Ma'aruf." Realizing the gravity of their actions, she continued, "I don't understand myself anymore. How can this bring us any pleasure? We must forget about it."

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