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KARAGAR AJALI Complete Hausa Novel Document by KARAGAR AJALI


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Author: Habibullah Muhammad Kabara ,

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In a not-so-distant era, when the world seemed consumed by an insatiable quest for fame and wealth, this fervor was not limited to kings alone. Rich individuals, sorcerers, and anyone who wielded power all yearned for more. Even the impoverished were not exempt from this feverish pursuit, as they too were drawn to the allure of riches and treasures, often valuing them more than life itself.

During this time, both the impoverished and the heroic shared a common aspiration – the dream of amassing great wealth in a single day. This aspiration also consumed the rich and the sorcerers, leaving no one untouched by the desire for opulence.

For the kings of the era, their ultimate goal was to exert dominion over the entire world and reclaim the fabled Throne of Ajali. This Throne of Ajali, an eternal seat of power, had remained unoccupied for over three millennia. Only one individual, Saduqi Farhan, had ever sat upon it. This mystical throne was perched upon the Wall of the World, within the enclave known as the City of China, housed within the ancient palace of Darul Maut.

However, since Saduqi Farhan's passing, no one had successfully ventured into this kingdom and emerged alive, owing to the malevolent forces that guarded it. The tragedy that befell those who dared enter this realm had deterred many, but it did not extinguish their desire to rule the world, just as Farhan had in his time.

This relentless ambition was the reason behind the rise of countless heroes, husbands, and wives who sought to safeguard their lives against marauding bandits. During this period, a grand kingdom stood prominent, composed of diverse tribes. It surpassed all others in size, wealth, and influence. This realm was known as Ikaril Uzbar.

The reigning monarch of Ikaril Uzbar was King Gulbas, a formidable ruler endowed with remarkable powers, including magic and prowess in battle. King Gulbas's life, however, was marred by betrayal, leaving him distrusted and doubted by the world. Even his own daughter, though deeply loved by him, harbored doubts about him.

Despite this, the members of his council and his formidable forces were comprised of individuals, each exceptionally brave and proficient in combat, thanks to their rigorous training. They were instrumental in helping King Gulbas amass immense wealth through strategic plundering of neighboring cities.

Their modus operandi was to launch coordinated assaults on these cities, vanquishing the local forces and subsequently inviting their kin to infiltrate the cities, leading to their eventual capture. The Kings who were vanquished by these youthful warriors were equally reluctant to challenge them, as they had inadvertently contributed to King Gulbas's expansion of power.

These audacious warriors, known as the Plague Storms, were not alone in defending the city's army. However, their initial assaults were so devastating that, apart from King Gulbas, hardly a man remained alive. He had inflicted great cruelty, not sparing the young, the children, or even the elderly, forcing many to flee the city.

Any individual seen within the kingdom, if not native to it, was invariably a slave, as the native population had been decimated by King Gulbas's ruthless rule. Indeed, their tenure was often brief, for within a mere three days, they would gather their belongings and hastily depart the kingdom.

In this era, the ambitions of kings transcended mere power and riches, all centered around the elusive Throne of Destiny. Among these kings was King Gulbas, driven by his determination to claim this extraordinary seat of power. However, he was not the sole contender for this coveted throne.

A formidable sorcerer, Surkais bin Bardas, also aspired to possess the throne. This sorcerer was backed by a gifted young man known as the valiant Rukyan Bin Haiwan. While Rukyan was not his sister Lissa's equal in terms of magical prowess, the battles between these factions were fierce and unyielding. They engaged in relentless combat, with neither side emerging as the victor.

After numerous confrontations, it became apparent that their ongoing rivalry would only lead to further destruction. An oracle predicted that their hundredth encounter would result in the death of one of them. Therefore, Sadauki Rukyan, choosing to preserve his life, ceased his aggression.

For a time, peace reigned as they refrained from meeting or challenging each other. Yet the specter of their impending hundredth confrontation loomed, serving as a reminder of the tumultuous past.

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