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IDAN BA KE Complete Hausa Novel Document by IDAN BA KE


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The girl chased the cow, wielding a stick like they were racing. The cow sprinted through the desert, followed relentlessly by the girl. Other cows grazed nearby, unaware of the playful race. By accident, the other cows strayed into a farmer's field, hungry and eager to devour the crops. In her youthful voice, representing her Fulani heritage, the girl shouted, "Waru! Waru! Waru!" in frustration as she attempted to control the cow.

Saniyar, already exhausted from chasing the cow, halted at the water's edge, clutching her waist. She exclaimed, "Bone, she's too fast!" Quickly, she took the stick and tried to slow down the cow's head. Finally, she caught up and grasped the cow's horn. She blinked her eyes, a sign of the pure urine that marked the cow, and asked, "D'ume ngid?" which meant, "What do you want?" The cow looked at Saniyar and swished its tail, kicking its feet as if it was going to die, evoking fear in the girl.

Halisa, watching the scene, called for help as she saw blood-like water emanating from the cow's rear. She feared that if the cow died here, it would signify an ominous sign since she was only three years old. Halisa wiped away her tears, realizing that she was alone in the desert, where dangers could lurk unseen.

Turning around, she spotted a small rope hanging from a tree branch. Halisa removed her Fulani hat, revealing her hair, which was concealed except for the length needed to detect her skin's pattern. She began pulling the rope, striving to release it from the tree branch. Suddenly, something very cold descended onto her shoulders from above. She stopped, feeling the cold sensation travel down her body until it landed.

She reached out to grasp what was tied to her, unafraid. Unfortunately, her hand landed on the head of a giant snake that had coiled around her. She felt the snake's smoothness and penetrating coldness. Her heart raced as she slowly let out a piercing scream, matched by her rapid breaths. In seconds, the snake trembled and transformed into a young man wearing silk-like royal attire, with skin as white as a woman's.

The young man fell to the ground, his gaze fixed on Halisa's face. He watched her for a moment before calmly saying, "You startled me, and you startled yourself, Danejo. I didn't intend to come here now." He examined her closely as she attempted to regain her composure. He took her hand and led her to where the cow Naggen was giving birth.

Halisa smiled at him, and he playfully stuck out his tongue, revealing a ring. He swiftly placed the ring on her finger, marked with a kingdom's seal. His appearance shifted back to Fulani attire, and with the baby cow in tow, he gestured for Halisa to follow him to Rome's place. In an instant, they vanished from sight.

As they left, a gust of wind signaled a potential threat, causing the young man to look up at the gathering clouds. He silently followed Rugar Rome, a woman known for her affinity with animals, especially the beloved Nagge. These cows were highly sought after, primarily red in color, and acquiring a white one was a rarity. Some returned to graze, while others were on their way due to the sparse human population in the area.

Simultaneously, in one of the huts, Karasa was tending to the baby cow, preparing to say goodbye. A cold voice from inside the hut responded, "Who is there?" She cautiously emerged from the hut and, upon seeing the young man's forehead, stumbled back in surprise. Realizing her fear, he adjusted his gaze and calmly said, "I've brought your brother, Arado. He was in a dire state, left in the desert as if lifeless. Your mother had to deliver him." Placing the baby cow on the ground, he looked at Shatu with his unusual eyes. Her gaze remained fixed on him as she had never seen anyone like him before. The intensity of his stare prompted him to say, "Give him the medicine."

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