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Author: Bukar Mada ,Prof Ibrahim Malumfashi ,Danladi Z Haruna ,

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In ancient times, within a sprawling city, there lived an exceptionally wealthy man known for his benevolence and compassion towards the less fortunate. His acts of kindness were well-known throughout the city.

One day, this affluent man decided to venture beyond the city's limits for a solitary stroll to enjoy the refreshing outdoor air. He paused to rest beneath a cool, shady tree and began to unpack his provisions—bread, dates, and a flask of water—for a quick meal before resuming his journey.

After finishing the bread, he reached for some dates, and it was at this moment that a strange encounter occurred. As he was consuming the dates, he noticed an ominous figure emerging from the shadows. This figure was an Ifrit, a demon, towering in stature like a plum tree, with fiery red eyes that glowed like burning coals. In his hand, he brandished a formidable sword and confronted the rich man, accusing him of causing the death of his son.

The wealthy man was taken aback and inquired, "How did I cause the death of your son?"

The Ifrit responded, "When you ate a date and discarded the pit, it struck my son in the chest, and he fell to his demise. For this, I am determined to seek revenge and end your life as you did his."

The wealthy man pleaded with the Ifrit, saying, "You should know, dear Ifrit, that I bear many financial obligations. Allow me to return home for one year to settle these debts and ensure everyone receives their due. Then, I will willingly return here to face the consequences. This is my solemn vow, as it is written in the divine decree."

The Ifrit agreed to the man's request, granting him time to honor his obligations. The wealthy man returned to his home and shared the entire harrowing encounter with his family, relatives, and friends. They were deeply moved and helped him fulfill his promise by ensuring that all debts were settled. After one year, he made his way back to the location where he had first encountered the Ifrit, waiting for the inevitable confrontation.

As he sat there, contemplating his fate, an elderly man appeared, leading a deer by a rope. The elderly man cautioned him about the dangerous nature of the area, which was known to harbor demons. Nevertheless, the wealthy man shared his story with the newcomer, and the elderly man decided to remain by his side to witness the events that would unfold.

Before long, another elderly man arrived with two black dogs. He, too, inquired about the situation and chose to stay to observe what would transpire.

Yet another man, riding a mule, joined them and showed an interest in the story. He also opted to stay and await the conclusion of the matter.

As the group waited, they suddenly heard a deafening commotion, as thunder rumbled, and a fierce wind swept through the area, causing the ground to shake violently. A thick cloud of dust enveloped everything, blotting out the sun and plunging the surroundings into darkness akin to night.

When the tumult subsided, and the dust settled, the observers saw the Ifrit standing before them, wielding a menacing sword, his eyes still aflame. He singled out the wealthy man and demanded, "Arise, for I shall end your life, just as you took my son's life, my heart's delight, the joy of my existence."

Tears welled in the eyes of the wealthy man, and his companions, the elderly witnesses, were deeply moved. The first of the elderly men, who owned the deer, approached the Ifrit and fell to his knees. He beseeched, "Mighty Ifrit, ruler of all demonkind, would you halt and permit me to share a remarkable tale, a tale that you shall find wondrous and unparalleled? Yet, in return, I ask for a portion of this wealthy man's blood."

The Ifrit agreed to this offer. The elderly man with the deer began to narrate his extraordinary story:

"Indeed, you shall hear of a marvel, one that will astonish you like never before. I shall be content to receive a third of this man's blood in exchange for sharing my tale."


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