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Author: Danladi Z Haruna ,Bukar Mada ,Prof Ibrahim Malumfashi ,

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In the bustling city of Baghdad, a widowed porter stood at his stall in the market, hoping to find someone to hire him for the day. To his amazement, a veiled and adorned woman, her beauty hidden beneath the silk design of her veil, approached him. She spoke to him, instructing him to take his load and follow her.

The porter was astonished by this encounter with the enchanting woman. He hesitated briefly until she reiterated her request, imploring him to follow her. With a newfound determination, he decided to follow her, and they ventured deeper into the market.

Unwavering, he continued to follow her until they reached a vendor's stall. There, the woman handed a dinar to the porter, who, in turn, exchanged it for a supply of olives she placed in his basket. She instructed him to continue following her.

With the basket of olives in tow, the porter obediently followed her to a fruit seller's stand. She purchased various fruits and added them to the porter's basket. Their journey led them to a butcher's stall, where she procured ten pounds of meat, meticulously wrapping it in leaves before placing it in the porter's basket. Once again, she insisted that he follow her.

The porter, now burdened with a growing assortment of goods, continued to do her bidding. Their next stop was at a confectioner's booth, where she filled a tray with colorful candies, fried treats, and various sweets. The basket was further laden with these delectables. She instructed the porter to move forward and not question her.

She guided him through the market until they reached the perfumer's stall. There, she purchased ten bottles of fragrant waters, including rose water and sandalwood water, as well as other aromatic items. But before leaving, she remembered something and selected lubban, amber, musk, and incense sticks, all of which she placed in the porter's basket. She reassured him to take the items and continue to follow her, for her shopping was now complete.

Carrying the precious cargo, the porter faithfully followed the woman until they arrived at a magnificent house with tall white walls, high ceilings, a door adorned with lavender, and trimmed in gold. The door itself was a striking red color. Before the grand entrance, a girl with delicate features stood. She knocked gently on the door, her knock as tender as a drumbeat.

The door opened, and the porter entered with his load. As he stepped inside, he was captivated by the beauty of the girl who had opened the door. Her face exuded charisma, her hair gleamed like a crescent moon, and her eyes were bright and white like those of a deer. Her countenance was radiant, resembling the twelfth-night moon.

Overwhelmed by her beauty, the porter thought, "I wish my eyes had never beheld anything as beautiful as her. She is unparalleled in her loveliness." The girl by the door welcomed them, and they proceeded until they reached a spacious and lavishly appointed room, featuring a variety of seating arrangements.

Upon entering the room, the porter noticed another girl reclining on a silver bed beside a magnificent dog. The bed was draped with a canopy adorned with pearls and jewels. The unique design of the bed allowed an unhindered view of the person resting on it.

As the girl on the bed heard the arrival of the porter and the lady who had purchased goods, she drew back the curtains and emerged. Her eyes were wide, her face was radiant as the sun, and she approached, exuding charm and charisma. The porter was once again struck by the captivating beauty before him.

She alighted from the bed, took a few steps, settled in a chair, and addressed the woman who had bought the goods and the girl who had opened the door. She asked, "What are you waiting for? Why are you standing there? Help this poor man unload his burden, and settle his payment so he may leave."

The girl who had opened the door and the one who had bought the goods quickly approached the porter. Jekadiya, the buyer, grasped the porter's basket, while the girl by the door held it from behind. The third woman, their leader, stood up and supervised the operation. Together, they deftly removed the load from the porter's head, carefully unloading the items.

Once the task was completed, they directed the porter to leave, and he would not be persuaded to do so. Their leader inquired, "What holds you back? Is the compensation not sufficient for your service?" She turned to the buyer and said, "Give him one dinar so that he may depart, leaving us in peace."

The porter responded, "By God, my lady, the payment you have given me is more than the worth of my services. I typically charge half a dirham, yet you have generously rewarded me with two dinars. But my reluctance to depart is not due to the fare, but rather the happiness I find in your presence. I am captivated by your grace and allure, and I cannot bear to leave."

The three women, with their beauty and gracious manners, had enchanted the porter. His eyes wandered to the array of tantalizing foods and drinks, and his heart was overcome by a miraculous spell. He beseeched, "I implore you not to bid me farewell; grant me a place among you."


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