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Author: Danladi Z Haruna ,Bukar Mada ,Prof Ibrahim Malumfashi ,

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One day, Caliph Haruna Rashid was reviewing the taxes sent by the kings and chiefs under his rule for the year. He noticed that the King of Basara was the only one who hadn't sent his tax. Concerned, the Caliph gathered his council to discuss this matter.

Addressing Waziri Ja'afaru, his chief advisor, the Caliph asked, "Where is Waziri Ja'afaru?"

Waziri Ja'afaru stepped forward and respectfully replied, "I am here, may God bless you and your kingdom."

The Caliph continued, "Every king under my rule has paid their taxes into the treasury, except the King of Basara."

Waziri Ja'afaru nodded and responded, "Indeed, Leader of the Faithful. Perhaps there's a significant reason that has prevented the King of Basara from sending his tax."

The Caliph frowned and said, "Today marks the final twenty days for tax collection. If there's an issue that has hindered him, why hasn't he informed us? Do we not have the right to know what he's up to?"

Waziri Ja'afaru suggested, "Your Majesty, I propose we send a messenger to inquire and report back to us."

The Caliph agreed, saying, "Very well, let's send Abu Ishaka al-Mausili, one of our trusted envoys."

"I hear and obey. I am at your service, O Leader of the Believers," Waziri Ja'afaru replied.

Abu Ishaka was summoned, and he was tasked with delivering a letter on behalf of the Caliph to Abdullahi, the King of Basara. The letter instructed Abdullahi to either pay his taxes and explain the delay or come to the Caliph personally to provide an explanation.

Abu Ishaka accepted the mission, saying, "I hear and I agree, Minister Ja'afaru." He was joined by five thousand horsemen as they set out on their journey to Basara.

Upon nearing the city of Basara, news of their arrival reached Abdullahi, who promptly left the city to meet them. As they approached, he greeted Abu Ishaka and together they entered the city. Abdullahi took his seat on the throne, with Abu Ishaka by his side. The ministers and palace officials sat in their respective positions, following the protocol.

Once the commotion had subsided, Abdullahi addressed Abu Ishaka, "Welcome, honored guest. Do you have a message for us?"

Abu Ishaka replied, "Yes, I have come to collect your kingdom's tax. All the other rulers have paid their taxes, but the Caliph has not received yours. It's time to fulfill your obligation."

Abdullahi smiled and said, "Certainly, O Caliph's representative. It is said that ignorance is preferable to heedlessness. I had indeed gathered the tax and intended to send it tomorrow. However, now that you have arrived, I shall present it to you personally. I request that you stay and rest for three days while we prepare a special celebration in honor of the Caliph. On the fourth day, you may collect the tax along with a gift to take back."

Abu Ishaka agreed to this arrangement, and Abdullahi left him to enjoy the city's hospitality. As they dispersed, Abdullahi personally escorted Abu Ishaka to a luxurious loft where he would stay.

They spent the evening drinking, chatting, and enjoying each other's company until nightfall. When they finally realized how late it had become, they retired for the night. Abdullahi arranged for Abu Ishaka to sleep on a comfortable bed adorned with emerald and gold, while he slept in his own bed nearby.

Abu Ishaka went to bed, but sleep eluded him. Instead, he reflected on life and occasionally recited verses and tales. He was known for his wisdom and storytelling skills, which endeared him to the Caliph. He continued pondering and singing throughout the night, unaware of Abdullahi's actions.

In the dead of night, Abu Ishaka noticed Abdullahi leaving his bed. Abdullahi strapped a whip to his waist, took a small box, and lit a candle. He then left the room and headed to where Abu Ishaka was sleeping. Curiosity piqued, Abu Ishaka decided to follow and observe Abdullahi's actions on this mysterious night.


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